Powerful Line of Storms Stretching 1,500 Miles

Blizzard conditions and at least six confirmed tornadoes.
2:17 | 02/04/16

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Transcript for Powerful Line of Storms Stretching 1,500 Miles
A powerful winter storm from Florida to Maine it already brought blizzard winds to South Dakota no match for that suvs spinning out. There was also were coming in now more than a half dozen confirmed reported tornadoes. This damage from an EF two and Alabama meaning winds up to 135. Miles per hour ABC's Steve Olson Sami is in Tennessee. In Crockett county Tennessee this surveillance camera at the high school shows the moment a tornado. Cane crushing through classrooms tonight there's no power in schools close everybody was gone home. And that that save lives it's no doubt from Tennessee to Mississippi yeah. The twisters kept Fam les up all night. The weather service is now saying that this one in western Alabama was an EF 223. Homes were destroyed Allan Gregg thought about it. The storm was supposed to be weaker today to try telling that to drivers in the rain who had to be rescued from rising waters outside Nashville and Atlanta. The will to live. Chipper hanging on there were even tornadoes near Columbia, South Carolina and this near Savannah. In the midwest they're still digging out finally reopening interstate eighty in Nebraska. Within 200 miles were closed. This is what's left of the football coach's office here at the high school the tornado ripped this rough clear off. And it pulled out this air conditioner from the spot here the National Weather Service now says that the tornado that hit here with an EF one. That traveled nearly three miles. David. Steve thanks so much I wanna get right to rob tonight with his word is coming in of yet another possible tornado touched yet how we have one touch on just southeast Georgia about an hour ago David Dodd just outside of Savannah. A that has since the management the real threat now going for the next eighteen out going to be heavy you're right you see it streaming in from the Gulf of Mexico flood watches across Florida pan and Georgia stream all the way up to Canada and the snowpack from last week's blizzard not helping the situation especially in Pennsylvania we'll see another two to three possibly four inches of rain. Across East Coast and from west east in the morning kind of quiet the next couple days and then a coal truck coming up that we get look at these numbers on Tuesday morning well below freezing. In New England in New Hampshire in the flow is such that we could see a snowstorm developed on primary Tuesday. In New England will be watching very closely they're hardy and knowing them they can handle rough thing.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Blizzard conditions and at least six confirmed tornadoes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"36702323","title":"Powerful Line of Storms Stretching 1,500 Miles","url":"/WNT/video/powerful-line-storms-stretching-1500-miles-36702323"}