Powerful Seattle Windstorm Moves East

Storm knocked out power with wind gusts, 12 inches of snow in mountains.
1:48 | 11/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Powerful Seattle Windstorm Moves East
Powerful winds plunged hundreds of thousands of people into the dark. And those winds also triggering dangerous waves. A combination caused a frightening drama play out of one highway bridge there are so many families -- here tonight ABC meteorologist ginger -- Chaos on the Seattle highway. -- and winds transforming the 520 bridge into -- violent straight road. Dozens of drivers taking a risk and abandoning their cars running for safety -- that four lane highway suite five feet back and forth. -- like all disappear and come back up so the -- obviously had a lot of sway to it. On grays harbor the police -- threatening to -- this job. Winds gusting forty to sixty miles per hour centuries into cars homes over roads and this hefty branch. Puncturing a child's bedroom. The winds -- power lines leaving nearly 200000. In the dark at the height of the storm. When a storm everybody on the average -- engineers with us now you're watching several things that are troubling for the week ahead right and the first -- -- winter like conditions -- -- getting a little -- a little earlier a lot of places and and that number is that you -- -- -- David let me tell you how cold it's going to be tomorrow morning from much of the east. Flint, Michigan at 29 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania -- 26. Fortunately this -- not last that long. Throughout the day you'll start warmup -- Indianapolis getting it closer to sixty as a mild air pools and but it is another storm and that would be now tropical storms -- and that will kind of die out but still the moisture from that when -- meet up with that center of storm. A little -- nation can have a set -- like we did last week remember those Austin flooding as well David look at this. The rain the wind -- thunderstorms and this now on the backside of it all starts to add up -- three inches from Dallas to Tulsa.

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{"id":20772074,"title":"Powerful Seattle Windstorm Moves East ","duration":"1:48","description":"Storm knocked out power with wind gusts, 12 inches of snow in mountains.","url":"/WNT/video/powerful-seattle-windstorm-moves-east-20772074","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}