Powerful Tornadoes and Hail in the Midwest

Strong twisters with winds up to 130 mph reduce homes to splinters.
3:00 | 03/28/14

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Transcript for Powerful Tornadoes and Hail in the Midwest
As we head into the weekend together, we're following the destruction caused by some powerful twisters in the midwest. Homes reduced to splinters and ABC's Steve osunsami shows us the damage caused by storms in this last strike from March. Reporter: This was Missouri and southern Iowa. The hail was large and loud, one of mother nature's warnings that the sky is falling. Wow, that thing's spinning. Reporter: And this was one of the eight reported tornadoes that followed Thursday evening northeast of Kansas City, wind speeds up to 130 miles an hour. Now that baby's about to hit! Reporter: The twisters hit six homes, leveling two of them. More than 90 reports of severe weather so far. It's just like they show it on TV. You hear it and then you see it. Reporter: What's left of this home belongs to Larry Bailey. He and his wife escaped with their lives. The roof started falling in on her. I was screaming at her. She got under the table, though, and I hugged her. Reporter: Today, as the storm marched east -- Lord, look at all this water! Reporter: Heavy rains stranded vehicles in slidell, Louisiana, and parts of Mississippi. All this after the most powerful nor'easter in decades. Families on cape cod could feel the walls shaking. There's more on the way from Texas tonight, threatening four inches of rain when it reaches the northeast, putting ten states under a flood watch this weekend. The snow melting in new England isn't helping. This same system could bring hail and near 70-mile-an-hour winds from Virginia to Florida. Diane?

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{"id":23107857,"title":"Powerful Tornadoes and Hail in the Midwest","duration":"3:00","description":"Strong twisters with winds up to 130 mph reduce homes to splinters.","url":"/WNT/video/powerful-tornadoes-hail-midwest-23107857","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}