Powerful winter storm moving through Northeast

From North Carolina to Maine, 14 states are under alerts for snow, wind and even blizzards.
1:57 | 02/28/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Powerful winter storm moving through Northeast
Zbloi if powerful winter storm heading through the northeast. Blizzard conditions. And tonight, a wind adviory for the northeast, Philadelphia, new York to Boston. We have the track and here's ABC's Stephanie Ramos. Reporter: Tonight, a powerful blizzard driving what could be biggest lake effect snow event of the season. Blinding winds creating whiteout conditions across upstate New York. It is a little crazy right now, you have to be careful. Reporter: Wind gusts above 40 miles per hour churning the great Lakes. On lake Ontario, huge waves, above 20 feet high, are possible. Just look at the waves on lake Erie. Normally, this time of year, that would all be ice, but that lack of ice is what's turbo-charging the lake effect snow machine. Where you see the yellows and some of these Oranges, that is snowfall rates about two to three to four inches per hour. Reporter: Driving treacherous. Tractor trailers jackknifing. Cars sliding off the road. Brigades of snow plows racing to clear interstate 81. And David, blizzard warnings continue here through tomorrow afternoon. There could be up to four feet of snow in isolated areas by the time this finally ends. David? All right, Stephanie, thank you. Let's get right to rob Marciano, tracking it all for us tonight. Hey, rob. Reporter: Hi, David. Been touch on the legs, but winds have been ripping here in New York City, as well. And that's dropping wind chills. But we still have the wind advisories up for much of the northeast and those blizzard warnings. Especially south of Buffalo and north of Syracuse. We could see three, four, feet of snow, as this thing continues to blow over the weekend. And the winds, 30, 40 miles an hour. Right through tomorrow morning. That means wind chills are going to be uncomfortable, to say the least. Single digits, Chicago, Detroit, Syracuse. Teens, Boston and New York. Winds die down Saturday, but it's just as cold through the first half of the weekend. David? All right, we can hear the wind right there tonight. Rob, thank you to you and Stephanie, as well.

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{"duration":"1:57","description":"From North Carolina to Maine, 14 states are under alerts for snow, wind and even blizzards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"69267558","title":"Powerful winter storm moving through Northeast","url":"/WNT/video/powerful-winter-storm-moving-northeast-69267558"}