Pregnant Chinese Women Flock to US Territory to Give Birth

Saipan has become hot spot for Chinese women to have "American-born Chinese babies."
3:00 | 02/10/14

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Transcript for Pregnant Chinese Women Flock to US Territory to Give Birth
Next tonight, our undercover investigation. A far-away U.S. Territory in the pacific, this small piece of paradise, 3700 miles west of Honolulu has become the hot destination for more and more families from China. Gloria Rivera shows why they're going so far at such great expense to have their babies inside saipan. Reporter: This is paradise. The tiny tropical island of saipan, a U.S. Territory. Just four hours by plane from China, it's popular with tourists. No Visa required. But an under-the-radar industry is attracting a different kind of visitor. This man you see here is a kind of handler, hired to help there pregnant Chinese women have what they call an abc--an american-born Chinese baby. It is a profitable business and it starts back in China. We're in central beijing, we're at a regular office building and we found an address for a birth tourism agency. It should be inside. They are not hiding anything. It's out in the open, so we're going to check it out. Our producer posing as newly pregnant, this travel agent who sells saipan like a five star vacation. Brochures touting high-end accommodations and top of the line medical care. Are these actually the doctors in saipan? Reporter: Full packages start around $27,000, promising social security cards, birth certificates and, most importantly, an American passport. Instant citizenship for the baby. So this is a business contract. We didn't buy the package, but we're told it's easy enough to go on your own. So we did. Within hours, brokers on the ground vying for our business. One showing our undercover producer places to stay, selling ocean views, offering cooking, laundry. Her clients getting ready with baby bathtubs and strollers. Local records show the number of "ABC" babies has skyrocketed, from just eight in 2009 to 282 in 2012. A full 71% of babies born in saipan are ABCs. While not illegal, critics point out -- When they come of age they can apply to bring their families into the United States. Reporter: So we found saipan's representative to the American government, who told us they're aware of the issue and has asked the department of homeland security for help. We want to make sure this problem stays small. Reporter: Back in China, business is booming. Up next -- our instant

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{"id":22454405,"title":"Pregnant Chinese Women Flock to US Territory to Give Birth ","duration":"3:00","description":"Saipan has become hot spot for Chinese women to have \"American-born Chinese babies.\"","url":"/WNT/video/pregnant-chinese-women-flock-us-territory-give-birth-22454405","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}