President Cuts Defense Spending

New strategy relies less on ground troops and more on naval forces, air power.
2:26 | 01/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Cuts Defense Spending
We learned that the nation's fighting forces the military forces are about to undergo a massive reduction. The president announced that the US military will be scaled back leaner and meaner. And the Arab may be over when America can try to fight two wars simultaneously. Overseas here's ABC's Martha Raddatz. With the tide of war -- receiving yards and forced by congress to cut nearly 500 billion dollars from the nation's military budget. The president today announced a dramatic new strategy. In the way this nation will fight and. -- war we have the opportunity. And the responsibility to look ahead. To the force that we are gonna need in the future. For decades the US has made its military -- fight and win the two major ground wars at the same time. No longer. With US forces out of -- rock and drawing down in Afghanistan. The new strategy relies more on naval force's air power and -- on ground troops. The US joint force. Will be smaller. And it will be leaner but it will be more -- More flexible. I'm ready to deploy quickly. And innovative. And technologically advanced in other words more -- conducted by robots more -- conducted by drones. And fewer wars being conducted by human beings. -- but the Pentagon insists not weaker the navy will maintain all eleven of its aircraft carriers. But deployed them more to the Pacific to counterbalance China and to the Strait of Hormuz where Iran is a growing threat. Still US officials tell ABC news the army will likely be slashed from 570000. Troops. To 490000. Troops beginning gradually in 2015. We do upset some rest in this strategy has all strategies must however we should be honest. We could -- even greater risks include did not change from -- current. One of those risks of courses if there were two conventional wars that broke out it would take us longer to respond and we would have fewer people. But the Pentagon half stone way back risk of that happening with the new threats and the new budget Diane and thanks to -- mark.

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{"id":15301312,"title":"President Cuts Defense Spending","duration":"2:26","description":"New strategy relies less on ground troops and more on naval forces, air power.","url":"/WNT/video/president-cuts-defense-spending-15301312","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}