President Obama Delivers Eulogy for Slain SC Church Massacre Victims

Many broke out into song with the president as they paid their respects.
3:05 | 06/26/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Obama Delivers Eulogy for Slain SC Church Massacre Victims
accused of planning bombings, so, yes, high concerns. We turn to a poignant day in Charleston, South Carolina. The line forming as early as 3:30 A.M. In the morning. The arena filled to capacity. But no one could have expected what they saw there. Byron Pitts was there. Reporter: Today in Charleston, though somber the occasion, scorching the heat, mourners came out by the thousands. Inside the packed td arena, more than 5,000 thousand strong, the going home service for state senator and pastor clementa pinckney. President Obama arriving midservice, here as the nation's comforter-in-chief. What a good man. You don't have to be of high station to be a good man. Reporter: A good man, gunned down with eight others inside mother Emanuel ame church during midweek bible study. Accused killer dylann roof was never mentioned by name, but a sign near reverend pinckney's casket seemed aimed at him and all who hate. "Wrong church, wrong people, wrong day." Blinded by hatred, the alleged killer could not see the grace surrounding reverend pinckney and that bible study group. The light of love that shone as they opened the church doors and invited a stranger to join in their prayer circle. Reporter: The president spoke of the nation's long struggle with race and the south's seismic shift this past week regarding the confederate flag. Praise across political lines to South Carolina republican governor Nikki Haley, she called for the flag to come down earlier this week. The flag has always represented more than ancestral pride. For many, black and white, that flag was a reminder of systemic oppression and racial subjugation. We see that now. Reporter: In church, the president acknowledged the national conversation about race. We talk a lot about race. There's no shortcut. We don't need more talk. Reporter: A plea not just for conversation, but change. It would be a betrayal of everything reverend pinckney stood for, I believe, if we allowed ourselves to slip into a comfortable silence again. Reporter: And then an ending that took the audience and the nation by surprise. ? Amazing grace ? Reporter: The president defining grace as unmerited gifts from god. And the people inside this church were all a gift. David? Byron, thank you.

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{"id":32064807,"title":"President Obama Delivers Eulogy for Slain SC Church Massacre Victims","duration":"3:05","description":"Many broke out into song with the president as they paid their respects. ","url":"/WNT/video/president-obama-delivers-eulogy-slain-sc-church-massacre-32064807","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}