President Obama Uses Final News Conference of the Year to Defend Health Care

Changes and deadlines in health care coverage will affect millions of Americans.
3:00 | 12/20/13

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Transcript for President Obama Uses Final News Conference of the Year to Defend Health Care
debit card fraud. Now to washington, where president obama used his final news conference of the year to defend his health care plan. And remember, monday is the last day to sign up, if you want to guarantee your health coverage will be in place at the start of the new year. Abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl with changes in it all. Reporter: The president and first lady and the first family are on their way to hawaii for christmas vacation not before a tough press conference, where the president vowed that next year will be a year of action, and made a candidate mission about his biggest regret of this year. It's been a year the president has been stymied by congress and seen his approval rating sink to it's lowest level. You may not want to call it the worst year of your president see but clearly a tough year. For you personally, what do you think has been your biggest mistake? When it came to the health care roll out the fact is it didn't happen in the first month. First six weeks in a way that was at all acceptable. And since I'm in charge, obviously, we screwed it up. Reporter: That didn't stop the president from offering a full defense of the law saying 1 million people have signed up for private insurance through OBAMACARE SINCE OCTOBER 1st. A half million over the past three weeks alone. Bottom line is we have several million people are going to have health care that works. Reporter: Problems persist today even before his press conference in three days from the first big deadline, health care.Gov was down. Late last night the administration forced to make a last minute change to the law saying that people who had had health insurance cancelled would not be penalized if they fail to get new insurance next year. Nobody has been fired over any of this yet. But the president hinted changes may come soon. And maybe some personal adjustments, too. The end of the year is a good time to reflect and see, what can you do better next year. That's how I intend to approach it. I'm sure I will have even better ideas after a couple days of sleep and sun. Reporter: The president has acknowledged problems with the health care roll out before but never has been so blunt as to say, as he did today, that quote, "we screwed it up." Diane. Another topic he tackled today. That delegation to the olympics, billie jean king front and center. Reporter: That's right. He made it clear, that in choosing billie jean king to headline the delegation to the opening ceremonies in russia, he was sending a message about gay rights. Of course, billie jean king is america's most prominent openly gaye athlete. And the president said, quote, diane, when it comes to the olympics and athletic performance, we don't make distinctions on the basis of sexual performance. By the way you're hearing now the helicopter taking off the first family on the way to hawaii. Thank you so much, jonathan karl on the front lawn of the

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{"id":21294770,"title":"President Obama Uses Final News Conference of the Year to Defend Health Care","duration":"3:00","description":"Changes and deadlines in health care coverage will affect millions of Americans.","url":"/WNT/video/president-obama-final-news-conference-year-defend-health-21294770","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}