Made in America: U.S. Companies Coming Back Home

New incentives and economic advantages are helping companies expand in the U.S.
4:07 | 02/22/12

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Transcript for Made in America: U.S. Companies Coming Back Home
-- the Republicans battle -- -- the president made a big move to win votes in November today unveiling a plan. To bring American jobs back to US soil proposing. Lowering the tax rate for corporations in America from 35% to 28%. Even lower for some US companies that manufacture goods here at home all designed. To make America more competitive in the world and ABC's David -- and the made in America teams say. There are signs the tide is finally turning day. Real signs Diane tonight as you know long before this newest plan to bring jobs home we've been reporting on made in America for a year now. So -- -- -- factories in China with what used to be American jobs. Tonight check out this first image here a role reversal. Take a close look at this empty factory because it's the exact opposite of what we've come to expect. This to be empty factories and Shenzhen China and the American company that once employed Chinese workers here help packing up as the -- say going home. -- play. Monday. The CEO was convinced it will be cheaper not in China. Back in America and we were there in Houston Texas this week pulling in the foot -- -- even -- that the new American factory. Where they'll soon make a -- -- Already inside post 200 Americans when -- jobs to come home yet we look forward to interviewing each and every one of you. And put in a war. Company news -- they've been looking for a job for a year or more. Became to be interviewed for the job. But they were also the ones asking questions -- read an out of work dad asked what we were going to ask why leave China how does make economic sense to bring those to -- That's a great question he said in the answer that developing middle class in China. The same middle class -- -- -- quickly demanding higher wages the -- -- factory worker 58 cents an hour -- more than three dollars predictions of six dollars an hour around the corner. But even six dollars -- -- a lot cheaper than what you have to -- here. David effective and -- the average US workers. And for that CEO making those new lightbulbs. It was his -- light bulb went off for him to. And arguments was seen yields on planes only when -- Coming back for coming back no argument here. I -- -- more evidence of jobs coming home -- off this elevator. The 21 floor of an empty skyscraper in Detroit secure we're looking all over the world all over this country. To find the next location for your company absolutely. In fact take a look at this this is going to be their newest office we were standing inside a vacant buildings downtown Detroit it's been empty for nearly a decade or more. And we look around the room we -- conference table the -- signs of a failed business years ago but -- -- something else. Inexpensive realistic for their growing IT firm connecting -- electronic medical records across America. Now much closer to their American clients and their workers in Bangalore India and Bangalore is on the line this. On this stage their new workers -- -- one of their IT specialist in Bangalore he sure. How are you. He sure makes 20000 dollars a year Ron with the same job here can make anywhere from 40000 to sixty. -- -- the other cost the CEO says and it still makes sense. Which is exactly -- we heard that new light bulb factory in Houston. Where tonight those eager workers and their Reza -- Are we agree -- good luck and thank you so much. For pulling for John 125 factory workers will be hired to make those new light -- another 125. To sell them. Around the country and something else we discovered Diane coming up tomorrow night here all those call senators. When we hear a foreign -- somewhere around the world we've all made that call before. Some eye opening numbers about where those jobs are -- -- next probably break down the street. I'm not -- but I bears repeating the American workers three to four times more productive than the Chinese worker that. OK and dignity.

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{"id":15770116,"title":"Made in America: U.S. Companies Coming Back Home","duration":"4:07","description":"New incentives and economic advantages are helping companies expand in the U.S.","url":"/WNT/video/president-obamas-plan-bring-jobs-back-america-incentivize-more-production-america-business-15770116","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}