President Trump not backing down from his wiretapping claims

The president ignored questions about the claims during a photo op with the Iraqi prime minister.
3:11 | 03/20/17

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Transcript for President Trump not backing down from his wiretapping claims
FBI director, president trump's aides are doubling down on that wiretapping claim. The president ignoring questions during a photo op with the Iraqi prime minister, and the white house playing down that Russia investigation and distancing themselves tonight from some of the campaign staff. ABC's chief white house correspondent, Jonathan Karl, at the white house tonight. Reporter: The white house is digging in, refusing to back down from president trump's phone tapping allegations, despite the FBI director's testimony today contradicting the president. He said that there is no information to support the allegations that the president made against president Obama. At this time. Reporter: So is the president prepared to withdraw that accusation, apologize to the president? No. We started a hearing. It is still ongoing. Reporter: As for the president, himself, no comment when we tried to ask about it. Mr. President, were you wrong about the wiretapping? And just this morning, president trump blamed the dpe Democrats, saying they quote,ic Massachusetts made up the Russia story. Tonight, the white house is also saying there's nothing to the FBI director's revelation that he is investigation possible coordination between the trump campaign and Russian interference in the election. Investigating it and having proof of it are two different things. Reporter: Now the white house is distancing itself from former trump campaign operatives caught up in the FBI review, including former campaign chairman Paul manafort who was brought up several times in today's hear. Manafort -- The manager at the time, Paul manafort. And then, obviously, there has been some discussion of Paul manafort, who played a very limited role for a very limited amount of time, but beyond that -- But he was the chairman of the campaign. Hey, John, hey, hold on. Can you stop interrupting other people? But Paul manafort didn't play a limited role. Hey, Jonathan, somebody is asking a question. It is not your press briefing. Reporter: In fact, manafort was on the trump campaign for nearly five months. I also want to thank my staff. Paul, Corey, hope, I mean these people, what we have been doing has been incredible. Reporter: And he ran the Republican convention. Meanwhile, the white house is still supporting the FBI director, at least for now. Does the president still have complete confidence in FBI director Comey? There's no reason to believe he doesn't at this time. And tonight, Paul manafort denying any contact with Russia. Jon joining us live, and so much to get to tonight. The director of the FBI, publ publicly contradicting president trump. How does this affect the president going forward with his agenda? Reporter: Well, having the FBI director directly contradicting the president and also investigating the president's campaign will undoubtedly be a source of tension and distraction. A source of tension that will be there as long as Jim Comey is the director of the FBI. Late word tonight of another trump working in the west wing? Reporter: That is right. We have a situation where ivanka Trump, according to her attorney, will be having an office in the west wing, government issued communications devices and a security clearance so she can receive classified information. We are told that the president's daughter won't have a former role or salary, but clearly a bigger role in the west wing.

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{"id":46264736,"title":"President Trump not backing down from his wiretapping claims","duration":"3:11","description":"The president ignored questions about the claims during a photo op with the Iraqi prime minister.","url":"/WNT/video/president-trump-backing-wiretapping-claims-46264736","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}