President Trump spends last weekend in the White House

The Senate could begin an impeachment trial for Trump even after he leaves the capital.
2:46 | 01/17/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Trump spends last weekend in the White House
President trump is spending his last weekend in the white house. He won't be at the inauguration. Tonight, new details about his elaborate plans for leaving Washington, where he'll be when President-Elect Joe Biden takes the oath of office, and tonight the familiar face just spotted at the white house. Here's ABC's white house correspondent Rachel Scott. Reporter: It's president trump's final weekend in the white house, and he's out of sight, preparing behind closed doors for his impending trial in the senate. Rudy Giuliani spotted on the grounds today. Sources say he will likely be part of trump's impeachment legal team. Moving vans seen outside the west wing. Aides packing up their offices. The president's schedule says he's holding meetings and calls. On Friday in the oval office, meeting with Mike Lindell, the founder of my pillow, who has pushed conspiracy theories online. Lindell seen leaving the white house with this page of notes appearing to say "Martial law if necessary," telling ABC news there was no mention of martial law in his conversation with the administration. The white house saying nothing was taken seriously and that the president has committed to a peaceful transition of power. With President-Elect Joe Biden's inauguration just four days away, there are no plans for the outgoing president to come face-to-face with his successor. Vice president Mike pence will be present at the inauguration. And breaking the decades-long tradition of the outgoing president leaving from the steps of the capitol, as the trumps did with former president Barack Obama, instead president trump wants an elaborate sendoff. Sources say he's requested a red carpet and a military band. By the time President-Elect Joe Biden takes the oath of office, trump plans to be out of Washington and on his way to mar-a-lago. Despite the threats, the inauguration will still take place outdoors in the same location of that deadly riot. Do you feel safe about Wednesday based on the intelligence that you've seen? Yes. Reporter: And we're learning more about how the ceremony will unfold. Supreme court justice Sonia Sotomayor swearing in kamala Harris as the nation's first female vice president. She swore in Biden as vice president in 2013. Let's get right to Rachel now at the white house tonight. Rachel, what are you learning about the president's legal strategy for his second impeachment trial? We did see Rudy Giuliani there at the top of your story. Reporter: Well, Tom, at this point there is no clear legal strategy coming from the president, and that impeachment trial in the senate could be starting as soon as next week. We know the impeachment managers have been meeting, building their case. We saw Rudy Giuliani here on the white house grounds. Sources tell us the president is considering tapping him to mount a defense. But at this point with possibly just days to go, no clear legal strategy and no announcement on who's going to be leading that defense team, Tom. Rachel Scott with that new reporting from the white house. Rachel, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"The Senate could begin an impeachment trial for Trump even after he leaves the capital. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"75300828","title":"President Trump spends last weekend in the White House","url":"/WNT/video/president-trump-spends-weekend-white-house-75300828"}