Presidential Whiz Kid Has 1 Million Views on the Internet

Eleven-year-old has a popular show on the Web inventing things.
2:13 | 05/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Presidential Whiz Kid Has 1 Million Views on the Internet
meet someone who is making science really, really fun. 11 years old, she has her own show on the web. More than a million views and she just showed her latest invention to the president. So who is this super awesome whiz kid? Here's abc's david wright. Reporter: She's a pint-sized problem solver with a big personality. ♪ Reporter: Host of her own show on youtube. Do it yourself science projects for kids. We'll teach you how to clone your own toys. Reporter: More than 1.5 million views so far. How old are you? I'm 11. Reporter: Not bad for 11. Thank you. Reporter: Sylvia todd's show is very much a family production. E and my dad put together the scripts. He's the guy behind the camera. Reporter: At a time when the u.S. Lags far behind other countries in science education, especially for girls, she's a role model. I've gotten e-mails and tweets from kids and parents. I've gotten some teachers who are like, I've showed your show in class. It's very good. Reporter: Last week she was invited to take part in the white house science fair. What do we have here? Reporter: The president seemed impressed by her water color robot. It's great. Reporter: And her school friends were impressed by that. Do they treat you differently now that you've met the president? Well, sort of. My friends are still my friends. I still act the way I did before I met the president. I'm not all, like, "aah." Reporter: Now I have three daughters who are younger than you. I would be delighted if they grew up to be like you. Aaw, thanks. Reporter: She says when she grows up, she wants to be an astrona astronaut. Already she's a science star. Get out there and make something! Reporter: David wright, abc news, los angeles. So great for girls to watch. She says she spends hours thinking of her idea for her online show, but it only costs $100. And all that inspiration and fun.

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{"id":19088072,"title":"Presidential Whiz Kid Has 1 Million Views on the Internet","duration":"2:13","description":"Eleven-year-old has a popular show on the Web inventing things.","url":"/WNT/video/presidential-whiz-kid-million-views-internet-19088072","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}