Preventing Tragedy in the Water This Summer

Summer water safety tips parents need to know to keep their children safe.
1:49 | 05/22/13

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Transcript for Preventing Tragedy in the Water This Summer
This weekend is coming time to get the bathing suits out of the bottom drawer and a report to Dave the Consumer Product Safety Commission reminds us. All the -- -- keep our children safe and the water and ABC's David Hurley tells us now how to prevent a tragedy. What you're about to -- could save your child's life watch the boy with the blue top house silently and quickly he faces drowning. As he moves -- deeper water suddenly he slips away look at it again. That passed under water for ten seconds before being saved. But some kids end up but the bottom of the pool and can't be seen look at this test dummy in calm water -- when the water is turned up. Which is why tonight with nearly 300 kids under five drowning each year the government is pleading with. Parents and this is preventable. If you have children make sure they know how to swim -- -- -- make sure this offense around more than half of those under five drown in their Stanley -- these warnings and recommendations are nothing new. Unfortunately. The number of children droning. Has remained steady. Colin Jones nearly became a statistic at age five. Was underwater for about thirty seconds and only -- -- how about twenty seconds of ground Joe's not only survived he learned to swim. Boy can he swim he became an Olympic gold medalist in 2008 and is now trying to turn around those drowning statistics. -- inspiring and teach your kids his advice. The cure all learned -- -- record I guess that families and and parents take one summer. But the hair braids -- natural for one summer at that learn how to swim because -- like riding a bike he never forget -- did. He hasn't forgotten he's training for the next Olympics. Hoping some of these kids will follow his lead David -- ABC news Bethesda Maryland --

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{"id":19237869,"title":"Preventing Tragedy in the Water This Summer","duration":"1:49","description":"Summer water safety tips parents need to know to keep their children safe.","url":"/WNT/video/preventing-tragedy-water-summer-19237869","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}