Prince Charles Proposes Royal Offer to Family Nanny

Nanny asked to come back to take care of newest addition, Prince George.
3:00 | 08/11/13

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Transcript for Prince Charles Proposes Royal Offer to Family Nanny
The -- long retired but at 71 years young is -- about to answer the call all over again. It's the -- question in London tonight. But don't Prince William holding his nannies hand seen here in 1988. But tonight -- London all abuzz over what of that same nanny might one day soon. Be holding prince William's little prince. And it London newspapers reporting Prince William -- reached up to last. The official word from the palace the royal baby prince George bell twenty diesel seen here in his father's arms. If true prince William and duchess -- be getting some help from the very experienced man. Jessica Webb -- 71 years old never married never had children of her own. But she certainly care for them like they work. She said to be considering coming out of retirement to take the job. Over the years she's kept in touch with the princes and was a guest at William's 21 birthday. And the royal -- two years ago Williams was said to be favored -- terrorist. Reportedly thought he was too -- times it would build a -- -- fridge with bacon and donuts William and Kate don't have a full staff. Abbott ruled it out one day there is precedent in the burial -- that used to be. Nanny the assistant -- Nash remained and natural -- tonight the big question in the UK will but steady hand soon be back. To help with the newest royal -- just a few weeks old. -- -- and donuts Mike and the nanny and by the way to palace tells us those new baby portraits are coming. In the coming days.

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{"id":19931571,"title":"Prince Charles Proposes Royal Offer to Family Nanny","duration":"3:00","description":"Nanny asked to come back to take care of newest addition, Prince George.","url":"/WNT/video/prince-charles-proposes-royal-offer-family-nanny-19931571","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}