Prince Harry Follows Diana's Caribbean Tour

Prince Harry embarks on path of his mother and grandmother, the queen.
1:53 | 03/05/12

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Transcript for Prince Harry Follows Diana's Caribbean Tour
He has high spirited version of -- people's Prince Harry in his dress uniform on the journey of royal memories the -- his mother Princess Diana. And his grandmother the queen. Each once took. ABC's Bob Woodruff is traveling with prince Harry of Britain and he sees him when the cameras are on and off. There's a reason they call Harry the party prince has been -- one man dancing. And everything. It's his first official tour on behalf of his grandmother couldn't lead when it became clear that I was represented my grandmother -- -- my whole left. In a way periods following in the footsteps of women and family here. At a block party -- les Perry brought remarkable new energy into an old tradition. Of British call the royal. Grace sizable -- in the seventies. It is the great the people who -- a child but until the children he's on the road to go. The Bahamas was one of lady Di's favorite getaway spots. -- -- here has been how much prince Harry's connection with the kids. Echoes that of his mother Princess Diana. -- he's already been credited and adoration of the crowd. Little doubt there's just something about here. Doesn't end -- -- -- Now the next steps for prince Harry's first to Jamaica followed by Brazil later this week and that could be a very emotional country for him Diane. Because it was more than twenty years ago that his mother. Princess Diana visited. Try to help those kids that are homeless in the streets of Rio.

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{"id":15853925,"title":"Prince Harry Follows Diana's Caribbean Tour","duration":"1:53","description":"Prince Harry embarks on path of his mother and grandmother, the queen.","url":"/WNT/video/prince-harry-dianas-caribbean-tour-15853925","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}