Prince Harry's Reception in Brazil

Reaction to the prince's trip continues to be positive.
0:35 | 03/10/12

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Transcript for Prince Harry's Reception in Brazil
To Britain's Prince Harry was some pretty big footsteps to fill in this current trip to Brazil his mother Princess Diana while the crowds during her trips to -- -- judging by the reaction there tonight. It looks like some of that star quality may have rubbed off on Diana's youngest prince ABC's Bob Woodruff is following the story from the beautiful beaches of Rio tonight Bob. A good evening David yet this is absolutely beautiful -- but today very very hot in the -- The main reason why commentaries come here to -- -- -- to promote the Olympics and England coming out this summer and he really proved today not only is he popular. But also a very very good -- In nearly a hundred degrees of heat and humidity he competed in volleyball. And he also played rugby. He -- Some here had difficulty dealing with the temperatures but Prince Harry proved he is in good shape. This trip to Brazil it's also very personal for prince -- because his mother Princess Diana 1991. Came to real in support of charities helping children on the streets. Brazil is a wonderful -- but it's obviously put its problems as well and -- it was very aware of -- as a place to deprive me you wouldn't want to let down. Now in terms of his final events here and Brazil he'll be -- Paulo tomorrow. He is very very good at that sport but a couple times he's fallen off the back of that horse today that I have to say let's cross our fingers tomorrow that it doesn't.

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{"id":15895163,"title":"Prince Harry's Reception in Brazil","duration":"0:35","description":"Reaction to the prince's trip continues to be positive.","url":"/WNT/video/prince-harrys-reception-brazil-rio-reaction-to-royal-visit-positive-trip-international-15895163","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}