Prince William, Kate Middleton Back to Work

The duke and duchess of Cambridge prepare to continue their royal duties.
2:03 | 08/14/13

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Transcript for Prince William, Kate Middleton Back to Work
And finally tonight, it's hard for brand new parents to go back to work, even if your names are kate and william. Today, the future king william appeared at a little country fair in wales, just as he and kate get ready to leave their little george at night and put on those tuxedos and tiaras once again. Here's abc's lama hasan. Reporter: When we last saw william and kate, they were proudly presenting their new son to the world. But today, william was back at his princely duties. Making nice with the coups at an agricultural show. And gushing about his little boy george. He's pretty loud and of course extremely good looking. Reporter: William told well wishers the 3-week-old little prince is keeping him up at night. He's very, he's doing well. Hopefully he'll be sleeping through the night. Reporter: Prince william is here meeting young farmers and watching cattle judging, all fun stuff, but really, it' a chance for him to say thank you to wales, the police that has been home to him and kate since 2010. The prince is a search and rescue pilot. He and kate have lived quietly and privately on this tiny, picture perfect island in north wales. Here, duchess catherine can put aside the pomp of royal life. This has been our first home together and it will always be a special place for us both. Reporter: But now, with william's tour of service ending, it's back to the palace for kate. Good-bye, country living, hello kensington. But even there, the duchess will try to keep life as normal as possible, so, don't expect any formal family portraits any time soon. William is very keen not to have a professional photographer coming in and disrupting their privacy and their new family. Reporter: Instead, kate will take the pictures herself, just like any other new mom. Lama hasan, abc news, wales. She doesn't need photoshop, i

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{"duration":"2:03","description":"The duke and duchess of Cambridge prepare to continue their royal duties.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"19964281","title":"Prince William, Kate Middleton Back to Work","url":"/WNT/video/prince-william-kate-middleton-back-work-19964281"}