Private Thoughts of Martin Luther King Jr.

The King Center releases private letters and notes of the civil rights leader.
1:54 | 01/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Private Thoughts of Martin Luther King Jr.
We are getting an unprecedented first look at the private thoughts of Dr. Martin Luther King. 200000. Pages of his handwritten letters notes and speeches have just been released for the first time by the king center. In them a window into what Doctor King was thinking right before many of his most profound speeches. You can actually see the words he wrote in the once he crossed out in his 1964 Nobel Peace Prize each crossing out great. We're dedicated. And freedom for struggle. And tear hand written notes on his I have a dream speech tinkering with just where he would Begin. And -- that there's a hopeful note that supporters will when it's over half smiles everywhere and tremendous applause. And today so many Americans gathered around the country to honor Doctor King by serving authors and many visited his brand new soaring memorial in our nation's capital. Etched in the memorial doctor king's words speaking justice powerfully. Fifty years later. And I asked -- that -- about -- Only Knight can do now. Eight and -- night out. Hate only love can do. I have he had that city particularly in that people every bag and asked me everyday. Bodies -- -- -- and culture and mind. And dignity. And freedom. And act and maintenance act. We looked like an accident yeah labs. -- sacrifice Bryant -- We must rapidly Begin the shift from a thing oriented confided. To a person oriented comprises. When McCain run computer. Profit motive -- proper -- right. Are from -- more important than people.

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{"id":15374218,"title":"Private Thoughts of Martin Luther King Jr. ","duration":"1:54","description":"The King Center releases private letters and notes of the civil rights leader. ","url":"/WNT/video/private-thoughts-martin-luther-king-jr-15374218","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}