Puppy Hero Given to Fallen Soldier's Parents

Puppy rescued in Iraq finds new home with family in New Hampshire.
2:02 | 12/03/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Puppy Hero Given to Fallen Soldier's Parents
Our person of the week -- the picture that has millions of Americans in a conversation. About hope and healing here's 2020s Jay -- Our original story about army specialist Justin Rollins was filled with memorable pictures in fact this -- -- the night before he was killed in Iraq. Inspired Justin's mom to ask the army for help in finding this her -- last compact. Thanks to an astonishing search and rescue mission the -- Justin cradled in the last hours of his life is now -- in the Rollins family home back in New Hampshire. -- gave him the last -- -- happy -- by the smile on his face when he was holding Harris just beautiful. What's something else beautiful and unexpected happened while we were interviewing Justin's parents for -- 2020s. It was an overcast day -- the credit being gloomy and then. The light became a being that was shining directly on hero. Like a digital roar shock -- the beam of light has illuminate it -- staggering number of interpretations across the Internet. Viewers have seen everything from -- spirit alive in the shadows to the -- guy. Of course this was a sign from Justin reads one post. No doubt that Justin is watching over his entire family including his party reads another but skeptics are equally confident. Obviously the camera woman is religious this is just some light hitting the optics of the camera. So what does the camera woman thing. I'm tempted to think that it was some kind of connection but what I know happened is that it was a beautiful moment with Justin's family and it gave them comfort. And he gave them hopes. Of course in the end the only opinions that matter are there street. -- cancers and if a dog named hero lightens the burden of a fallen hero -- just. All the rest is just by the way. And so we choose army specialist Justin Rollins inspiring us to this day.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"Puppy rescued in Iraq finds new home with family in New Hampshire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15077511","title":"Puppy Hero Given to Fallen Soldier's Parents","url":"/WNT/video/puppy-hero-fallen-soldiers-parents-15077511"}