Putting an End to 'Bill Shock'

A deal made by wireless carriers may lower overage fees for cell phone users.
2:11 | 10/17/11

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Transcript for Putting an End to 'Bill Shock'
And now our consumer watchdog report thirteen million consumers that's one in six cell phone users. Has felt the kind of -- -- wireless carrier surprising them with whopping fees on services they didn't grasp or expect wolf today a deal that could eventually. But some restraints on what is called bill shock. ABC's Lisa stark explains. When -- Collison opened his family cell phone bill He could not believe his eyes. 400 dollars more than four times what He expected. Any warning that you were going to like -- -- -- none whatsoever. -- son had sent and received 2000 text messages the plans limit 250. That's nothing compared to what happened to Helen Schwartz. It was so outrageous that. I didn't even know where to start. Her bill more than 5000. Dollars and no warning. Her family plan had no Internet package for her son checked email and downloaded ring tones. Wireless companies -- its value as a key selling point of their plants families can call any US mobile phone for free but if you go over the plan limits that's where they get -- A -- or more for receiving are sending a text message 45 cents a minute to make a call. And how about ten dollars for browsing the web. It's analogous to credit card company. It's that tried to trick you entrap you into paying more than than you thought you were going to. It is not that uncommon. One in six phone users has experience bill shock. Today cell phone companies promise to start warning consumers before they hit their limits. Our companies are biting the bullet. And we're gonna get this done and at no charge to consumers either hidden or otherwise -- Well some companies now send all these alerts others will have a full year and a half to put -- programs in place. Of course you can always choose plans with no limits but those caught more and even -- watch the fine print. Lisa stark ABC news Washington.

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{"id":14757549,"title":"Putting an End to 'Bill Shock'","duration":"2:11","description":"A deal made by wireless carriers may lower overage fees for cell phone users.","url":"/WNT/video/putting-end-bill-shock-14757549","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}