Q-Nexa Clears Panel of Independent Medical Experts

FDA is close to approving the first new prescription diet pill in 13 years.
9:57 | 02/22/12

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Transcript for Q-Nexa Clears Panel of Independent Medical Experts
We have major news tonight about the first new prescription diet pill in thirteen years last week. We told you about the prescription pill cube next so one -- day suppresses appetite. And late today a panel of experts voted overwhelmingly to recommend approval which means the Food and Drug Administration. We'll make their decision soon and here's ABC's doctor Richard -- That. Silver bullet -- twenty year old Frazier parcel go from this -- this. Losing 165. Pounds in just one year. I went there -- past 225 pounds it definitely takes and since 80% of us who lose weight gain it back again doctors have searched for decades unsuccessfully. For a safe pill that would help. If approved -- -- would be the most potent medicine we -- we would have on the market to treat obesity. Currently available drugs are not very effective. Rejected just two years ago by the FDA for safety concerns today's panel sit for obese people the benefits of Kenexa outweigh the risks. Risks that include memory loss confusion increased heart rate even birth defects opponents aren't shy about their skepticism. I think diet drugs really falls squarely in the category. Of it's too good to be true. So if this is approved -- could be on the market well I expectant. They they will vote on this by April 17 and I expect him improve it with some restrictions I don't think will be long after that approval. Negotiated arms restrictions -- but won't be for everybody for a few extra pounds the goal is for people who have obesity and need to keep it away from pregnant when.

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{"id":15770272,"title":"Q-Nexa Clears Panel of Independent Medical Experts","duration":"9:57","description":"FDA is close to approving the first new prescription diet pill in 13 years.","url":"/WNT/video/qnexa-clears-panel-independent-medical-experts-fda-close-approving-diet-pill-health-15770272","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}