Queen's Estate Turns Up Woman's Body

Young woman's body unearthed on grounds of royal family's country estate.
2:04 | 01/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Queen's Estate Turns Up Woman's Body
Now that strange whodunit in England -- on the grounds of Sandringham. The country a state of Queen Elizabeth and prince fill up the body of a young woman found one mile. From the house for the royal family spent Christmas. Police are scrambling for clues even cracking open cold cases so was Agatha Christie right when she wrote everybody always knows something. Here's ABC's -- walked. New Year's morning the queen and prince that it made their -- -- trip to church oblivious to the grisly secret line. Respond just a few hours later told walker made the gruesome discovery human remains on -- -- of the Queensland. That's open to the public. In one of phillips' favorite hunting grants just a mile from the -- front gate. They have discovered that 43 miles in the peaceful wooded area. Are suspect that the pitching has just -- -- being within the royal family since the roundabout the 1860s to moderate recollection nothing like this has ever be happened before. This vast estate stretching over -- thirty square miles featured heavily in the movie -- King's Speech Diana was born here. And the royals plus legions of stop spent the holidays he. So what happens next -- game of royal clue was -- footman in the library. -- -- -- I don't think -- that the royal family will glow coming to any formal question whatsoever late this afternoon the body was taken away. For an old -- visiting your session -- with six season. No ground the royal murder mystery and a real life tragedy. Was -- victim and her Fam. Whoever. She might be. And late tonight Diane police say that based on that all -- they believe the body lay undetected here in woodland. For between one and four months no gunshot or stab wounds but they do not believe this woman died of natural causes. And so the plot continues thank you nick.

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{"id":15283144,"title":"Queen's Estate Turns Up Woman's Body","duration":"2:04","description":"Young woman's body unearthed on grounds of royal family's country estate.","url":"/WNT/video/queens-estate-turns-womans-body-15283144","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}