Queen's Husband Hospitalized

Queen Elizabeth's husband, Prince Philip, undergoes heart procedure.
1:55 | 12/23/11

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Transcript for Queen's Husband Hospitalized
Overseas now -- to London and an announcement a short time ago by Buckingham Palace the queen Elizabeth's husband Prince Philip was ninety years old. Was taken to the hospital for -- heart procedure. ABC's llama Hasan reports. Prince Philip and the queen -- -- -- bring -- sprawling estate where the royal family gathers every Christmas. The Thomas says he had chest pains and was taken to hospital in Cambridge for what they equal proportion retest. And ninety years old -- as the longest serving spouse of a British monarch. Their wedding in 1947 followed around the world. For senate that was the start of a life of walking a few steps behind his -- But that's only in public when it comes -- the family clinic is very much the equal of his wife and in the decisions they made his they've raised their four children Charles and Andrew and -- -- -- And I campus but it has had to listen to me speaking. But he has quite simply -- in my strengthens stay only yes. He -- guide the family off to princess Diana's death and in the queen's decision to make that famous speech. This is a busy year for the -- in April the wedding of the new century and his grandson brilliant and her to the throne married case abductions. In June his own ninetieth birthday and he is getting ready for the queen's diamond jubilee this coming June when she will celebrate sixty years on the -- With all the pomp and pageantry has come to expect of British royal. Well tonight just ABC news has learned that Prince Philip was treated for a blocked coronary artery had a successful. Minimally invasive procedure of and it procedure where they put in a coronary -- the queen is -- at Sandringham no other member of the world -- -- with Prince Philip and aren't -- stunning is that you were remain in the hospital. Overnight.

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{"id":15224942,"title":"Queen's Husband Hospitalized","duration":"1:55","description":"Queen Elizabeth's husband, Prince Philip, undergoes heart procedure.","url":"/WNT/video/queens-husband-hospitalized-15224942","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}