Questions About Possible $400M Ransom Paid to Iran

White House vehemently denies the money delivered was a ransom in exchange for hostages.
1:25 | 08/04/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Questions About Possible $400M Ransom Paid to Iran
Major international headline at this hour and it's an issue that will likely blow up on the campaign trail Donald Trump already asking how this happened. There are new revelations tonight the Obama administration delivered 400 billion dollars in cash. To a rod just as Iran was releasing four American hostages back in January. Tonight the administration vehemently denies it was ransom so let's get right to ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz and Martha if it wasn't ransom but wasn't. Well the White House insists the timing is all a coincidence that David that 400 million dollar payment first reported by the Wall Street Journal. Was delivered on an unmarked private plane using foreign currency stacked on pallets are riding in Tehran. Within 36 hours at the release of those American prisoners including Jason resigned at the Washington Post and former marine Amir heck money. And within hours of the formal implementation. Of the Iran nuclear and Martha the US maintaining tonight that that was money owed Iran from an arms deal long ago. Yes from before the revolution in 1979. And that 400 million it was just the first payment. About one point seven billion dollar settlement. But whether they were voted or not David the timing of the repayment allows the Iranians to say. They got something from the Americans for the deals they may Martha runs tracking this live from Washington market thing.

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{"duration":"1:25","description":"White House vehemently denies the money delivered was a ransom in exchange for hostages.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"41107031","title":"Questions About Possible $400M Ransom Paid to Iran ","url":"/WNT/video/questions-400m-ransom-paid-iran-41107031"}