Debate Comedy

Martha Raddatz and the candidates on "SNL," and how the comics could shape the vote.
3:00 | 10/14/12

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Transcript for Debate Comedy
Finally perhaps you were 1 of the 50 million americans who watched the vice presidential debate. Our martha raddatz moderating. We had a sneaking suspicion we might see her again last night. Comics and their persuasive power this election. I am martha raddatz of abc news -- Reporter: Even one of our own, martha raddatz, portrayed on "saturday night live" welcoming the candidates for vice president. We welcome vice president joe biden and congressman paul ryan. Reporter: In an age of instant reaction on twitter, comedians often do with it can be as lasting as the debate itself. Congressman ryan, we begin with your opening statement. Thank you. First of all, I want to than the college for hosting us this evening. Oh, boy, here we go. Reporter: Historians point out americans used to watch these debates all by themselves with their own family, not with all that instant reaction. We had a lot fewer itermediataries interpreting what we were seeing. We saw it for ourselves and the next day we discussed it at the water cooler. "Saturday night live" has become our water cooler. Reporter: Along with the snap judgments on twitter declaring the winner long before the debate is even over. He still has not put a single credible plan on the table on how to deal with the debt crisis. Okay, I'm sorry, martha, martha, but with all due respect this is a bunch of malarkey. All right? A bunch of malarkey. Yeah. What does that mean? It's irish. No, no, no. Irish is I come over thend smack that dumb look off your face. Reporter: As we know, a comedian's line can drive a message too. After the first debate, jon stewart pointing out the candidate who took on big bird within won. Took on big bird and won. The beloved children's character and romney could have waterboarded aladdin, put down blue, deported dora the explorer and still won walking away. Reporter: Because right along with the persuadable voters out there, the very persuadable writers. When you're sitting there watching someone, seth, what's your process for coming up with the joke? Something like tonight's debate which will be something we'll do on the show, we'll have all the writers sit around and throw out ideas. Well, if you enjoyed thursday night's vice presidential debate, you're certainly not alone. Reporter: You're not alone because the comedians are right there watching too.

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{"id":17478191,"title":"Debate Comedy","duration":"3:00","description":"Martha Raddatz and the candidates on \"SNL,\" and how the comics could shape the vote.","url":"/WNT/video/raddatz-obama-romney-debate-snl-saturday-night-live-comedy-vote-politics-us-17478191","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}