Real Money: Turn Your Old Gadgets Into Cash

Find out how something in your house you don't use could bring in hundreds of dollars.
3:00 | 10/25/12

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Transcript for Real Money: Turn Your Old Gadgets Into Cash
And now, our ongoing series "real money." Ways to put cash in your pocket today. There are some things in your house you're probably not using. And abc's sharon yn alfonsi leads the charge to turn them into "real money." Where are your feet? Where are your feet under there? Reporter: Lily and lexi burt godwin have a bit of a bedtime problem. When you sleep, lil, where do your feet go? They're touching. Reporter: The girls have outgrown their toddler beds. What do you want instead of these beds? Bunk beds. Reporter: The family's been saving up to buy bunk beds, but they're still about $700 short. So, we went in to help. Hi, I'm sharyn. I'm mary. Nice to meet you. Reporter: And brought tech expert jessica dolcourt with us. She says most families can find hundreds of hidden dollars in the old electronics just sitting in their home, if they follow this three-step treasure map. And we went hunting. You'll be able to get money for this. Reporter: Jessica's tip number one -- almost everything's worth something, even if it is broken. Believe it or not, you can get a little bit for this. Hot pink color? Big bucks. Reporter: How? Tip number two, sell the big stuff, computers and cameras, online. First up, these 3-year-old laptops. We check out the dozens of websites that will give you an instant offer, like gazelle.Com. No auction, no waiting. Calculating. 300 bucks. Whoa. Reporter: Next, this 5-year-old digital came ma. We get $265 for it. We just made $571. Less than $200 to get those bunk beds. So, we get that stuff off in the mail and take the old cell phones and the girls off to the mall. Yep, the mall. Tip number three, there's money near the food court. This is called an eco atm, a self-serve robotic atm that mobile devices. Mary got to work. This machine identified what kind of phone you have and what it's worth. First, this 2-year-old iphone. Oh! That's great. Reporter: That's awesome. Even this broken 3-year-old phone is worth something. 37 bucks. What? Oh, yeah. Reporter: There are current ABOUT 150 ECO ATMs AROUND THE Country, and that number is expected to double this year. 15 minutes after mary started scanning her old phones -- the big payout. 193! Whoa! Reporter: But we wondered, where did all those old phones go? Eco atm's san diego headquarters. So, what happens to all this stuff? About 75% of everything that we get finds a life as a cell phone. About 25% of everything we get isng to get smelted for the gold and platinum and palladium. Reporter: Who is buying this stuff? A lot of different refurbishers will fix the phones up and sell them to the sprints, the verizons for their warranty programs. Reporter: All together, the family made $758, $66 over their goal. And enough to get these. What is it? Bunk beds! Reporter: A good day for the burt godwins that led to a great night for the girls. That's "real money!" Reporter: And mary tells us the girls were so excited that first night, they both slept in the top bunk. We found even those old chargers are sometimes worth a dollar or two. Now, eco atm is working on their NEXT GENERATION OF ATMs THAT COULD ACCEPT TABLETS AND GPSs. We're going to have a list of what you can sell and what you can't, on abcnews.Com. Of even if they are broken, they are worst something. Reporter: Who knew? Well done, sharyn alfonsi. And coming up next right

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{"id":17567229,"title":"Real Money: Turn Your Old Gadgets Into Cash","duration":"3:00","description":"Find out how something in your house you don't use could bring in hundreds of dollars.","url":"/WNT/video/real-money-turn-gadgets-cash-17567229","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}