Rearview Cameras Coming to All Cars?

A mother campaigns for measure to protect children from accidents.
2:17 | 02/28/12

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Transcript for Rearview Cameras Coming to All Cars?
And now a story taking you behind the headlines hope that may be on the way to prevent those horrifying accident every year. When people back -- not knowing their child is playing behind the bumper of their car. A mother has organized a powerful campaign for a little rear view camera so will car manufacturers offer -- Here's ABC's senior national correspondent Jim -- It would be the first government mandate designed to protect someone outside the car and look back and reviewed ago from a danger dramatically illustrated by this public service message. I didn't -- 62. Children and not a single one. But despite three letters from the transportation secretary notifying congress and anticipated action by tomorrow. And a prominent media report saying the government would order car manufacturers. To install rearview cameras on all passenger vehicles ABC news has learned the Department of Transportation. Has decided to again delay what critics say is a life saving measure the worst thing that ever happened. Ever happen -- in -- parent's life is the loss of a child Jeannette sent both kids and cars not a war started this crusade nine years ago. She says this is the second delay by DOT a yearlong postponement that could cost 100 additional -- The surprisingly terrible statistics fifty children a week backed over by a moving vehicle. Two deaths every week the majority -- one to two years of age. This is thirty feet the blind zone for a pick -- truck 60% of these accidents. Happen in larger vehicles this is fifteen feet the blind zone for an SUV. Even family sedans have blind zones of up to twelve feet -- For nearly a decade we follow this story reporter after reporter. Demonstrating what appears to be the solution. Safety expert in the best solution may be a backup camera but when it put the car in reverse. The camera kicks on and reveals my blind zone. Fixing this problem would cost 200 dollars a vehicle that's eighteen and a half million dollars for every life say. A cost benefit ratio advocates hope is not behind the government's insistence on more research and analysis. Jim Avila ABC news Washington.

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{"id":15812654,"title":"Rearview Cameras Coming to All Cars?","duration":"2:17","description":"A mother campaigns for measure to protect children from accidents.","url":"/WNT/video/rearview-cameras-coming-cars-15812654","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}