Record cold temperatures are sweeping the US

The deep freeze has left 20,000 people without power in Washington State alone.
2:08 | 12/31/17

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Transcript for Record cold temperatures are sweeping the US
tonight, and we begin with the unrelenting and deeply unpleasant cold. As the clock ticks down to 2018, the thermometer is ticking down as well. Tonight, more than 200 million Americans dealing with an arctic blast. Winter weather alerts from the rockies to new England, even into the deep south. Snow and ice making for dangerous travel. Trucks and cars skidding off the road here in Michigan. 40 vehicles in all, and look at the map. The windchills could be at their worst just as the new year arrives. 11 in Dallas. Minus 5 in times square. Kicking us off tonight, Eva pilgrim with America on ice. Reporter: Record cold temperatures sweeping the country tonight, bringing a freezing end to 2017. Yep, it's cold. For sure. It's bitter cold. Reporter: Windchill alerts at this hour from Colorado to Maine fresh on the heels of a frigid Christmas week for the east. It's really, really cold. I can see my breath. Reporter: The bitter blast now fatal. At least two dead of hypothermia. Windchills below zero all afternoon in Chicago, and feeling like the steeteens here in New York. It doesn't make much when the temperatures are this cold to make the roads freeze. Top of those dangerously low temperatures, snow. In Buffalo, where they should be used to this -- I haven't seen this in a long time. Reporter: Erie, Pennsylvania seeing half foot of snow overnight. Their weekly total now topping 6 feet. Icy conditions making traveling treacherous in Iowa. There's a big truck right here. Whoa, whoa. Right in front of us! Reporter: Causing this 40-car pileup in Michigan. A consider slipping and sliding in Illinois, and in Indiana, one killed in a head-on crash. This trooper responding to four crashes in under an hour. It's pretty hectic out here. "It's pretty hectic out here. There roads are pretty slick, there's slush all over the place. Eva joins us live from a cold central park tonight. Eva, this weather is about to get worse? Reporter: Oh, yeah, Dan. It is brutally cold right now, and for most of us, it is going to get even colder. Expect a number of record lows to be shattered on new year's day, Dan.

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{"duration":"2:08","description":"The deep freeze has left 20,000 people without power in Washington State alone. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"52063856","title":"Record cold temperatures are sweeping the US ","url":"/WNT/video/record-cold-temperatures-sweeping-us-52063856"}