Red Carpet Theft: Jewelry Heist Stuns Cannes Film Festival

Chopard jewels worth $1 million were stolen from a hotel room safe during gala.
2:09 | 05/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Red Carpet Theft: Jewelry Heist Stuns Cannes Film Festival
Police are trying to piece together the clues in a dramatic jewel heist. It was -- most glamorous place on earth this weekend where movie stars are showing off their films and their flashy clothes. ABC's llama -- on chose us what happened. They -- -- -- glamour of the iconic Cannes Film Festival. Look beautiful people considering necklaces. Sparkly bracelet from -- during hearings. -- -- Tools from the luxury house -- -- History is much isn't stars marrying them. But overnight as the stars celebrated the premiere of the new heist -- the lingering a real life jewelry heist was under -- Just blocks from the red carpet at a hotel in the center of town. Thieves made off with more than a million dollars worth of jewelry according to investigate cases rethink -- safe flight out of the -- -- and -- our house has been in -- Yeah hotel room while it's. That you eat -- the exit. The French Riviera long been a -- or fifteen cents Alfred -- also revealed in to catch at feet. The Cuban Americans to be the same room thousands of dollars for heavens and he -- to -- For stars these days eight million especially on the red carpets. Amy Adams wore earrings and necklace and added an emerald and diamond bracelets of the Oscars for a look worth one point 35 million dollars. Jennifer Garner was dripping in diamonds this year and necklace earrings and bracelet worth 2.5 -- Here -- had big time security protects not just in ladies but believes just look at the uniformed security lining the staircase in this video. Will -- -- Not but all there is and he -- security here on the red carpet behind me. Guarding the stars and star that's some didn't seem like that -- offices in others you -- Tonight police are reviewing surveillance video hoping to catch and eat or -- before they slip away. On the -- an ABC news tan.

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{"id":19205459,"title":"Red Carpet Theft: Jewelry Heist Stuns Cannes Film Festival","duration":"2:09","description":"Chopard jewels worth $1 million were stolen from a hotel room safe during gala.","url":"/WNT/video/red-carpet-theft-jewelry-heist-stuns-cannes-film-19205459","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}