Red Meat Can Take Years Off Your Life

Major study reports on the health hazards of eating red meat daily.
2:05 | 03/12/12

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Transcript for Red Meat Can Take Years Off Your Life
News that might change your grocery list of major medical study from the Harvard School of Public Health raising a giant red flag about eating red meat. We've heard concern before but this new report warns that eating red meat every day can take years off your -- Here's ABC's doctor Richard -- It was once an iconic US President Bill Clinton and his burgers but today a different Clinton VP that's right. After years apart triple the former president know eats no meat at all mostly vegetables and fruits. And whole grain bread and I just feel better -- it couldn't may end up living longer according to a sweeping new study whose headline. The more red meat you eat the more likely you are to died. Higher red meat consumption was associated with a higher risk of premature death when more than 120000. American record their -- for twenty years. Researchers found eating just one serving more of -- -- day can increase your risk of death by 12%. Your chances of dying of heart disease goes up by 16%. In cancer by 10%. But keep in mind that one serving only the size of a deck of cards not close to the portion keep getting a restaurant or probably even at home. Processed meats bacon hot dogs possibly even worse. Both processed and -- -- red meat had higher risk of -- premature deaths. But the process and it was definitely somewhat higher. Bacon on a burger who don't even want to think about it. So instead of the red meat whether they -- -- he -- a substitute look we we eat about a hundred in twenty pounds red meat per year that means people having red meat every single day. And what they found was if you substitute red -- With things like fish -- and nuts it dramatically lowered people's risk a guide to what's safe to -- well you know occasionally today I had -- hamburger for lunch -- -- -- -- bust -- it was delicious but I wouldn't do it more than twice a week I think if you think about twice a week red -- you're in a safe zone.

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{"id":15906046,"title":"Red Meat Can Take Years Off Your Life","duration":"2:05","description":"Major study reports on the health hazards of eating red meat daily.","url":"/WNT/video/red-meat-years-off-life-15906046","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}