Regis Feels 'Weight' of Last Show

Daytime television host bids farewell, joined by Kelly Ripa and Kathie Lee.
1:18 | 11/18/11

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Transcript for Regis Feels 'Weight' of Last Show
Well Monday morning won't -- the same without Regis. That's done not -- On his final morning Regis build its final knocked Kelly refused door. -- 43 steps to the studio and Kelly with an offer if he misses this -- on Monday. -- -- audiences longtime friend Diane competing. -- important happy. Well I feel you know a little the -- -- the whole thing you know the somberness of at all and. And -- bridges going please don't -- They may -- it. It was his farewell tree in the school -- I've had the privilege of walking 43 steps with you from my dressing room to this studio. For five days a week for the past eleven years except for our when you have off on Friday spend. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- God bless you all in. I -- I see you again.

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{"id":14986873,"title":"Regis Feels 'Weight' of Last Show","duration":"1:18","description":"Daytime television host bids farewell, joined by Kelly Ripa and Kathie Lee.","url":"/WNT/video/regis-philbin-feels-weight-show-14986873","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}