Relentless Rains Drench the West Coast for More Than 48 Hours

The severe rainfall caused serious land and mudslides in parts of California.
2:59 | 01/10/17

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Transcript for Relentless Rains Drench the West Coast for More Than 48 Hours
We turn next to winter weather alerts from California to New York. In fact, a state of emergency after deadly storms. Eight people killed coast to coast. In California tonight, heavy rain causing mud slides burying this remote truck from our San Francisco station. The satellite covered. Powerful winds in Washington state ripping off this roof. And digging from a snowstorm, dozens of cars collide on this highway. A change is on the way. And here's ABC's kayna Whitworth to start us off. Reporter: Tonight, with those relentless rains drenching the west for more than 48 hours, the new danger, mudslides. When you pan up you can see rocks still sliding down, so it's still a very active situation. Reporter: Southwest of San Jose, this van crushed. Part of highway 17, shut down. The driver, a photographer for our San Francisco station KGO injured but home from the hospital tonight. The storm moving east, in Colorado Springs -- There it goes. Reporter: Near 90 mile-an-hour gusts snapping huge trees. Knocking out power to thousands. In Reno, Nevada -- Please evacuate now. Reporter: The governor declaring a state of emergency, evacuating more than 1,000 residents. We met Kathryn Hamlin in nearby Lockwood. It's been a little unnerving, a little scary -- Reporter: This excavator, pulling debris out of the truckee river trying to keep the water flowing. At least four killed in the west, including the driver of this taxi after his vehicle plunged into the water. Our rob Marciano is in napa county. Reporter: The rain stopped here about 12 hours ago, but the water is pouring over the top of this dam. It's normally dry, but today, flowing. That dam is 70 years old holding so many gallons of water. Reporter: In the Sierra Nevada, this is all that's left of the "Pioneer cabin" tree, the famous giant sequoia hollowed out in the 1880's. Meanwhile, much of the rest of the country, still freezing after ice storms killed at least four in the south, and brought snow and accidents all the way to the northeast. Here in Reno the truckee river runs right through downtown, and bridges were threatened as the waters rose several feet above flood levels. Officials hoping it drops tonight because they have more rain on the way tomorrow. David? Thanks to you. Let's get right to ginger zee tonight. She is live with the track for us. Hey, ginger. Reporter: Hey, David. Three to more than 20 inch of rain fell in parts of California in the last week or so, so that floor is saturated, and that's why we see those flood watches and warnings. From the Sierra to the bay area to Idaho. Tuesday and Wednesday will drop to a half foot plus, and certainly more mountain snow in the highest elevations. And to New York, there is snow and a wintery mix. Ginger, thank you. We have new reporting this evening after the terror that

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"The severe rainfall caused serious land and mudslides in parts of California. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"44664439","title":"Relentless Rains Drench the West Coast for More Than 48 Hours","url":"/WNT/video/relentless-rains-drench-west-coast-48-hours-44664439"}