Remembering Lindy Boggs: Champion for Women's Rights

World of politics honors the late US Representative, civil rights trailblazer.
2:26 | 07/27/13

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Transcript for Remembering Lindy Boggs: Champion for Women's Rights
We have a passing note with a personal connection to abc news. Lindy boggs, ambassador to the vatican, champion for women's and civil rights, the mother of our own cokie roberts, remembering her extraordinary life. Reporter: Marine. Corrine. Morrison. Claiborne. Boggs. She was a washington original, known to most as just lindy boggs. LATE IN LIFE, IN HER 80s, A U.S. Ambassador to the vatican. Earlier, much earlier, one half of something that was new to washington when she got there, IN HER 20s, THE POWER COUPLE. He husband hale boggs, an up and comer out of louisiana, headed out for leadership. Tradition held one side of her heart, as she embraced motherhood. Raising three kids, a future new jersey mayor. A boy destined to be a leading washington lawyer. And one, our own cokie roberts. But there was ambition in her too, and political smarts. Lindy boggs ran several of her husband's campaigns -- she worked harder on this campaign than anybody else, and lindy, this is for you from me. Reporter: But then, in 1972, the deep loss that changed everything. Searching for the twin engine cessna that disappeared -- Reporter: When her husband's plane went down in 1972 and was never found. In the family, it was clear who should run to fill the seat. I hope I'll be half as good a congresswoman as you would expect me to be. Reporter: Boggs served in congress for 17 years, pushing to expand horizons for women and the disadvantaged. Her connection to her constituents would always be something real. She was proud of the fact that when she retired from congress she was the only white member representing a majority black constiuency. They picked her to chair the democratic national convention in 1976, and when president clinton made her ambassador to the vatican the vice president who conferred the honors, well, she could honestly say she'd known him since he was a little boy. That's what in being politics for most of a century will get. Times changed during lindy boggs' long run here. But in part that's because lindy boggs changed the times. She was 97. John donvan, abc news, washington. All of us here at abc news remembering lindy boggs and of course, thinking of our colleague and friend cokie tonight, after the loss of her mother.

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{"id":19793667,"title":"Remembering Lindy Boggs: Champion for Women's Rights","duration":"2:26","description":"World of politics honors the late US Representative, civil rights trailblazer.","url":"/WNT/video/remembering-lindy-boggs-champion-womens-rights-19793667","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}