Remembering Philip Seymour Hoffman

Acclaimed Oscar-winning actor found dead in his apartment after a lifelong battle with addiction.
3:00 | 02/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Remembering Philip Seymour Hoffman
Now, we turn to the news that stunned so many Americans yesterday, for anyone who loves movies. A kind of death in the family. Philip Seymour Hoffman, 46 years old, an actor famously shy and generous. His brilliant work forged in self-doubt and greatness. He had struggled with addiction. And as so many families across this country know, all of the love and admiration in the world can't guarantee addiction. ABC's Ryan smith, now, on what we learned late today. Reporter: Part of an actor's craft, is to look at a journey of life and find meaning in its destination. For someone who lived brillia brilliantly inside so many people, the world so baffled today how Philip Seymour Hoffman wound up here. Whether it's his oscar-winning turn in "Capote." This is my work. And when you want to tell me what I need to hear, you let me know. Reporter: The love-struck boom operator in "Boogie nights." I'm an idiot. Reporter: The smug rich kid in "The talented Mr. Ripley." The conflicted priest in "Doubt." He was the chameleon, the rare actor who could disappear in any role. You admit it. Reporter: He had demons of his own, would take his life. Today, police revealed chilling, new details about his death scene. Finding nearly 70 baggies of heroin in his apartment. Five of them used. Hoffman was found alone in his bathroom with a hypodermic needle sticking out of his arm. Now, investigators, keying in on the heroin itself. Some stamped with the logo ace of spades. Again, Ryan smith reporting on Philip Seymour Hoffman. You should know, on Wednesday night, the lights on Broadway will be dimmed in his honor. And next, now, here, we take you to a part of the country where some families are having an anxious night because of a prison break. A convicted killer on the loose tonight in Indiana. Authorities in a race against time to find him. And ABC's Alex Perez has the story. Reporter: The hunt is on to track down convicted killer Michael David Elliot. His getaway car found in an Indiana town this afternoon. Schools there put on lockdown, as officers go door-to-door. I have a little boy. It's scary. Reporter: Elliot, who was convicted of killing four people in 1993 and was serving a life sentence, escaped from this maximum security prison in

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{"id":22353197,"title":"Remembering Philip Seymour Hoffman","duration":"3:00","description":"Acclaimed Oscar-winning actor found dead in his apartment after a lifelong battle with addiction.","url":"/WNT/video/remembering-phillip-seymour-hoffman-22353197","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}