Reporter With Hidden Camera Offered Free Tiger

Backyard zoos becoming increased hazard for residential communities.
3:00 | 08/17/12

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Transcript for Reporter With Hidden Camera Offered Free Tiger
It's a 21st century danger in the neighborhood. We have gun control in the country, we have explosives control. But if your neighbor wants buy a tiger and launch it over your fence, what do you do? Dan harris goes under cover. Reporter: To find out how easy it is to get a pet tiger -- getting wired up -- my colleagues and I wore hidden cameras and posted as first time cat buyers. How many tigers do you have? 29. Reporter: You have 29? Jim hofferberger owns the animal haven sanctuary in weyuwega, wisconsin, one of the roughly 1,000 so-called roadside zoos in america today. These backyard zoos have become extremely controversial after a zoo owner in zanesville, ohio and released all of his animals. Back yard zoos have also been criticized for letting visitors cuddle with predators. Which has resulted in injuries and death. Back in wisconsin, jim hofferberger doesn't allow people to cuddle with tigers, but he did offer to give us one for free. This is one of six states where it is perfectly legal to buy and sell a pet tiger with little to no paperwork. That's princess. She's very nice, very friendly. She is what you see. Reporter: Not so friendly, though, when I went in for a closer look. If one of these cats got out, what could -- what could they do to you? First thing, you go in the house, get the 30 odd six, make sure the gate is shut over there and shoot the . Reporter: While in our initial conversation he told us we didn't need any paperwork at all. When we arrived he did ask for a letter from the local government and a usda license which requires a site visit. But he quickly added neither is difficult to get. When I revealed who I really was, jim's wife was not pleased. You have no right barging in here like you were doing -- like we're doing something illegal. Reporter: Correct, but -- you had no way I was going to allow little kids in there to take pictures. You don't really have any way of knowing if I'll be responsible down the line. Absolutely not. But nobody that gave me a tiger knew that I would be responsible. Reporter: And that's the rub. In some states, anybody can get a tiger, and you never know who will be responsible. Dan harris, abc news, wisconsin. And dan will have much more

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{"id":17031673,"title":"Reporter With Hidden Camera Offered Free Tiger","duration":"3:00","description":"Backyard zoos becoming increased hazard for residential communities.","url":"/WNT/video/reporter-hidden-camera-offered-free-tiger-17031673","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}