Republican Candidates Look Past Nevada Caucuses

Romney and Gingrich focus their campaigns on Colorado and Minnesota.
4:27 | 02/05/12

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Transcript for Republican Candidates Look Past Nevada Caucuses
Your voice your vote tonight Mitt Romney with another huge win. This time in Nevada and as he now lives the next contest Tuesday in Colorado and Minnesota the numbers coming in from Nevada are telling. First more than 40% of -- vote came from fellow mormons helping them win Nevada but there was more than -- this. He also trounced Newt Gingrich among evangelicals 43 to 28%. Bobby's best showing so far -- these voters. Among people calling themselves true conservatives. Who flock to Gingrich and other state Romney won this time nearly two to one. And I'll -- most important attribute cited by the voters the ability to defeat President Obama in November. Romney left Gingrich in the dust seventy to 20%. Into tonight here ABC's Ron Claiborne on Romney's win and what Newt Gingrich says he's planning to do. Next. Basking in the afterglow of his easy victory in Nevada but now solid Republican front runner seemed to look far beyond -- three Republican rivals. President Obama will grow government President Obama demonize as President Obama is shrinking military in his victory speech Mitt Romney cited the President Obama went -- time. So he mentioned Newt Gingrich Rick Santorum and Ron Paul did not want this out front and not -- you Mr. President. Romney had been expected to win big in Nevada it was how he -- that was impressive. I left this capturing replicating his broad based win in Florida last week he wasn't just those evangelicals and conservatives who he won. But he's already voted with him -- -- runs. Three days and Romney's been gaining strength among voters for whom beat Obama is the most important factor. In the South Carolina primary Romney got only 37%. Of the beat Obama Republican voters. In Florida he won 58% of them and then last night 70%. Of the beat Obama in Nevada voters went for Romney. Today Gingrich continued to plead the case that he not Romney would be the stronger candidate against president Obama's the last two terms he nominated moderate. 1996 and 2008. We lost badly they -- after his second straight double digit loss Gingrich found himself in lead -- awkward position well having -- bat down questions about how long he can keep going just. I am a candidate for president states. I will be a candidate for president states on this week Ron Paul insisted the Republican race is far from all options in some ways I agree with. With Gingrich about saying that. Romney doesn't satisfy a lot of people. Maybe but if Florida and Nevada are in fact this trend more and more Republican voters are coming around to accepting. If not quite embracing Mitt Romney and. And next up caucuses in Colorado and Minnesota on Tuesday. They're very few delegates at stake in these contests but they are a chance for Romney's challengers to blunt his momentum. Either -- -- face the prospect of getting rolled over by what's beginning it looked like David Romney -- -- all right -- -- were with us tonight and run as you point out a huge win for robbing this weekend but also win for President Obama. After those new job numbers to be president was aspect and right after he was elected. What would he need to do when it came to unemployment to earn a second term. -- just a short time ago he was asked again -- he met the bar he set himself has he earned another four years. I deserve a second term but were not -- look when you and I sat down we were losing 750000. Jobs a month. In fact we've found out just a few days before we sat down that we have lost that month 750000. Jobs now we're creating. 250000. We created three point seven million jobs over the last 43 months. The president just a short time ago -- want to bring in our senior Washington editor Rick Klein and Rick that's going to be the argument we're going to hear from this president. But we also know the other argument from Mitt Romney which is that jobs number is not the whole picture. That's right and here's -- -- people have to feel this not just be told that and typically that has lagged the the actual numbers by some period of months the fact is though David that the longer this Republican race goes on the better the president Obama's reelection prospects look these jobs numbers have the potential to change the face of the 2012 race if people start to feel the recovery. All the Republicans are running based on the premise of a weak economy. And now President Obama certainly has a chance the play some offense and not just defense. When it comes to jobs and and the add to that the real damage that Mitt Romney and its main rivals are suffering as this campaign lingers. More voters are beginning to view -- negatively some of the charges that are flying during the campaign are starting to stick so much weighing on those trend lines -- unemployment -- with the big picture tonight Rick we appreciate it.

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{"id":15518672,"title":"Republican Candidates Look Past Nevada Caucuses ","duration":"4:27","description":"Romney and Gingrich focus their campaigns on Colorado and Minnesota. ","url":"/WNT/video/republican-candidates-past-nevada-caucuses-mitt-romney-newt-gingrich-ron-paul-politics-15518672","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}