Republican Debate Prep: Romney in Florida

Mitt Romney looks to next primary after losing South Carolina to Newt Gingrich.
4:22 | 01/23/12

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Transcript for Republican Debate Prep: Romney in Florida
-- your voice your vote the Republicans with more proof this contest is -- trampling. Look at a new poll showing that 23 point swing in one week bringing Mitt Romney in new Gingrich into a dead heat nationally and tonight. Romney is calling and the debate coach calorie. ABC's David -- with the Romney camp in Tampa Florida David. Diane great to see you from floor this evening and the stakes are enormous here for Mitt Romney after that stunning win by Newt Gingrich in South Carolina. And that new pull you speak of which shows these two men neck and neck in this Republican race the Romney campaign telling me today that they have in fact -- that new debate coach. They say he's been -- them since Michelle Bachmann. Dropped out. To the order brings with a brand new breaks for big problem is that -- to -- its strategy. After months of trying to focus on President Obama is no clearly knew Gingrich first Romney taking. He's gone from pillar to post almost like a pinball machine from from item to item. It in a way which which is highly erratic here with homeowners about housing crisis. Make ends meet Robbie tried to turn the tables on Gingrich after so -- pressure on -- to release his tax returns. -- challenged Gingrich to show the working at a troubled mortgage giant Freddie Mac. Dancing -- the money back once. Florida families lost everything in the housing crisis. Gingrich cash. But -- -- -- -- -- South Carolina win instead went to a rally this afternoon while Romney was a debate prep. In which now pushing the one characteristic -- wants to have a lock on electability. And the best shot at being President Obama. We -- saying this about -- escalating rhetoric here in Florida. Now usually highest -- -- desperate balloon both camps know what those numbers in South Carolina revealed. But -- did well with voters making more than 200000 dollars blue collar Republicans went for -- 41% to Romney's 25%. Women. Gingrich's three marriages did not deter them beating -- -- not points among women. -- today in Florida where early voting is already underway the first votes in next week's primary. This order was our defense well -- -- that I -- new. With this order was afraid of what a new nomination could bring -- -- too many skeletons that might come out later. And strategic king who voted for Bobby today -- -- he explained installment of the. When you make of the Newt Gingrich -- -- Hope it's way answered questions about the curator for the moment he won't be able to answer like that would -- get tough. Meantime there is late -- coming in tonight that -- Gingrich's contract with Freddie Mac will be released this evening. And Diana and Mitt Romney's tax returns he won't release twelve years were like his father George Romney did when he ran for president back in 67. But two years worth. And they'll come first thing tomorrow morning and David you were telling me that even mrs. Romney and Romney his wife seem to be preparing the way for this release. Yeah when she arrived here on the ground in Florida what -- the things he said at a rally was I want to remind you all that we know where our riches come from. Our riches are with our family this is the first time they've released their returns after that -- on the governor's run. This time they actually have to release them -- comes tomorrow morning. All right David Muir reporting and thank you David I want to bring -- co anchor Good Morning America anchor of this week George Stephanopoulos and Gibson big picture. George how did Newt Gingrich fire -- the after murders again it was incredible -- all. Happen in these debates he showed that he could take on the media's take on Romney take on Obama he created a massive shift in that key number that David was talking about. Who can beat Obama all year long that has been Romney's big advantage almost thirty points in Iowa. It ballooned to a more than fifteen point advantage. In New Hampshire and then look at this reversal complete flip. Now new Gingrich has that advantage on electability who can beat Obama a lot of the voters in South Carolina said they saw him take all these other people want he can take the fight to the -- So the president. The debates 12 punch 123 three and he got the media as well and I you know I spoke to several top Republican strategist today. And most of these people do not want. Newt Gingrich being the nominee but for the first time they are starting to believe it actually can happen it begins for -- if he gets -- win in Florida in just over a week. -- -- and I -- see you tomorrow night for the president's state of the union of course tomorrow morning on Good Morning America thinking.

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{"id":15424326,"title":"Republican Debate Prep: Romney in Florida","duration":"4:22","description":"Mitt Romney looks to next primary after losing South Carolina to Newt Gingrich.","url":"/WNT/video/republican-debate-prep-romney-florida-15424326","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}