Republican Presidential Debate: How Low Can You Go?

Donald Trump defends his hands and his manhood while other candidates pile on with more insults.
3:44 | 03/05/16

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Transcript for Republican Presidential Debate: How Low Can You Go?
Al the race for the White House boaters in five states weighing in tomorrow and tonight here the fallout from the fiery Republican debate filled with personal attacks last night. Just minutes into the debate Donald Trump shifting focus to his hands and personal attacks leveled against him. But trump was also challenged on his changing positions what his campaign said right after the debate appearing to change position again. And what trump himself is saying tonight ABC's Tom outlets into warlords. Tonight Donald Trump Florentine that debate shark hurt like a badge of honor. They actually said. Beat presidential. I said does that mean that I can't fight so when little Marcos fuses crap about the size of my hands which are big. Besides. So I looked at him I said. Marco. This is what trump said the senator Marco Rubio just six minutes into the debate. He hit my hands nobody is ever hit my kids have never heard of this work who look at those hands are they small. And he referred to my hands of this ball something else must baseball I guarantee you there's no problem might guarantee. Twenty minutes later it all Latin name calling blitz about policy questions or use our let's say the answers you're well don't worry about it. I'm. Worry about it remarkable I would I let's hear big big dog New York on or about it aloud why don't worry about it little mark you know tell them that he that he got an audit unit silicon and it. You gotta get out of the night. Today David asking senator rubio if he regrets deciding. To dish out the personal attacks as well you have young children do you regret where this is gone. Look I I regret the way the campaign has become absolutely because Donald Trump for the last year. Has made it rumbles Borger spectacles and American political history but do you regret engaging on that level look I think sometimes when someone as as offensive as he has repeatedly. He's to get a taste of his own medicine of all senator Ted Cruz casting himself as the adult in the room. Make it let me just ask the voters at home is this the debate you want playing out in the general election. Later cruise hooked right into the flight and Donna please I know it's hard guys are up but is not what I. On Saturday out that brought breathe lion you three. I still get three I know it's hard tonight. Probe facing questions about a major flip flop. Asked why he recently endorsed the idea of visas for highly skilled foreign workers even though his campaign web site says. Those visas would quote decimate women and minorities. And changing. I'm changing we need highly skilled people in this country and if we can't do it who get a meant. Art abandoning that position on your wet track and changing it and I'm softening their position because we have to have talented people in this country but yeah after the debate ended another reversal. The trump campaign declaring the position on the web site that would trump. Just gonna wait wrong still stands quote. No exceptions. The question is will any of this inconsistencies matter establishments trying to wrestle this nomination we've. What are you doing to make sure that just. Well that we have a lot of delegates and we'll have a lot more I think after this weekend and I think probably going up to next week and had big leads almost everywhere. Todd Thomas with Donald Trump went after the debated Tom with us now from Louisiana tonight in. This evening the Republican field getting smaller Ben Carson now suspending his campaign Tom. That's right David at one point doctor Ben Carson was a major player in this campaign but that his campaign. They did away doctor Ben Carson today sane people love me. They just won't vote for me. David I'm now must what does it.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Donald Trump defends his hands and his manhood while other candidates pile on with more insults.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"37414656","title":"Republican Presidential Debate: How Low Can You Go?","url":"/WNT/video/republican-presidential-debate-low-37414656"}