Some Residents in West Virginia Told Water Is OK to Use

Five days after a chemical spill, the ban on water has been lifted.
3:00 | 01/13/14

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Transcript for Some Residents in West Virginia Told Water Is OK to Use
atlanta. Next here tonight, the hundreds of thousands of people waiting five days for drinking water and water to take a bath in west virginia. Tonight, some of those families are being told the water is now safe, even though it has a strong and strange smell. Abc's susan saulny is there asking the tough questions. Reporter: National guard troops, today, testing the water here in charleston, as hundreds of people line up to fill their jugs, five days into this ordeal. Pull all the way forward. Reporter:300,000 west virginians were ordered not to drink or bathe in tap water after a chemical leaked into the river, polluting the water supply. Now, for about 10,000 of those people, sweet relief. We're finally at a point where the do not use order is being lifted in certain areas. Reporter: Even those people now allowed to drink tap water may smell the chemical's odor. That scares keshia cooper. She is agonized by the thought of giving her sons tap water ever again. Will you have confidence in the water from this point forward? No. No. I don't think I will. I have to use my stamps to buy it. Reporter: Food stamps? Yeah. Reporter: The head of a local water treatment plant said inspectors are carefully testing the water before they give it a seal of approval for west virginians. Will you drink a big glass of watt center. When the system has flushed and followed the protocol, I'll drink the water anytime. Reporter: They plan to lift the order little by little. Residents will have to flush out the leftover water in their pipes. The chemical company responsible for the leak had not been inspected since 1991. Another frustration people here grappling with as they spend yet another night lining up for water. Susan saulny, abc news, west

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{"id":21521162,"title":"Some Residents in West Virginia Told Water Is OK to Use","duration":"3:00","description":"Five days after a chemical spill, the ban on water has been lifted.","url":"/WNT/video/residents-west-virginia-told-water-21521162","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}