Restaurants, pubs packed with customers in UK

Businesses in Great Britain reopened for the first time in four months.
1:43 | 07/05/20

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Transcript for Restaurants, pubs packed with customers in UK
Overseas tonight a major test for the uk. Restaurants, cafes and pubs packed with customers this weekend. Businesses re-opening for the first time in four months. Numbers showing the eu and U.S. Heading in drastically different directions. The eu peaking in mid-march and now well below 10,000 cases per day. American cases skyrocketing. ABC's James Longman in London. Reporter: Europe is trying to force a return to normality, but it's an uneven and unpredictable recovery. Infection rates in the uk are low, but with one of the highest mortality rates in the world, there's a lot on the line as this weekend it relaxed most of its lockdown measures. Bars, restaurants, cafes and the famous English pub all open to clearly excited customers. As long as everyone's keeping their distance, we're going to have a few drinks and just enjoy and just want to get back to a bit of normality. Reporter: But with no social distancing or masks to be seen in this London neighborhood, a surge in cases might stop the music. An outbreak in another uk town, leicester, forced a localized lockdown there. Spain hoped be over the worst, but tonight 70,000 more people are going into lockdown in the north of the country after a spike in cases there. That's on top of the 200,000 already quarantined in the region. As national lockdowns come to an end, Europe is now trying to control the virus through smaller, local enforcement, leaving most wondering, where next? As Europe continues to battle with these smaller outbreaks, American travelers are still banned from coming here. It's a delicate recovery that eu officials don't want to risk given the surge in the U.S. Whit. All right, James, our thanks to you tonight.

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{"duration":"1:43","description":"Businesses in Great Britain reopened for the first time in four months. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"71622114","title":"Restaurants, pubs packed with customers in UK","url":"/WNT/video/restaurants-pubs-packed-customers-uk-71622114"}