Reunited With Car After 24 Years

Children surprise father with the car he sold to provide for them.
2:24 | 08/05/13

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Transcript for Reunited With Car After 24 Years
Finally tonight we learned what it is to be america strong from a father who gave up something we loved to raise his family and his family who decided to give something back. It's a story from america's heartland, brazil, indiana and it begins with a teenager and that first car which is never just a car but a symbol of limitless future on the open road. Reporter:40 years ago when the beach boys ruled the radio, and a 16-year-old named rick lookebill. Saved money from mowing lawns to buy a ford mustang. To buy a ford mustang. He went on a first date with a girl named judy. We went to the linton drive-in and saw the movie "king kong." And after we started dating a while, I took the console out so we could get close together in it. Reporter: When he married judy, the car was there. And for his sons. Then the hard times came. His gas station went under. He started working two jobs, day and night to support his family. And he had to sell the car that was his youth, his love heart. It was awful, but most important thing in my life is my family. Reporter: All he had left was a key he kept on his dress with a message, I love my ford. And for 20 years, his four children loved him for that sacrifice. We didn't have a lot, but he made sure that what we wanted we had. Always wanted to do something for our father. Reporter: Against the odds, the kids searched together. An old warranty card led to the vin number which led to ebay and then a collector who still had the bright green mustang. And let them send a truck to florida to bring dad a surprise. On the big day, in the kitchen, dad is there and the kids pretend to be shocked and worried about something outside the window. What's the matter? Reporter: With their father trying to compute what's happening, there is a rumble. Reporter: The voice of an old friend. A 55-year-old former teenager wipes away tears and steps inside the love of a family who gave dad back youth and time and something unknown right around the bend.

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{"id":19877249,"title":"Reunited With Car After 24 Years ","duration":"2:24","description":"Children surprise father with the car he sold to provide for them.","url":"/WNT/video/reunited-car-24-years-19877249","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}