Rick Perry Out of GOP Race

Texas governor steps aside days before the South Carolina primary.
2:52 | 01/19/12

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Transcript for Rick Perry Out of GOP Race
Your voice your vote on a wild day on the campaign trail two days before the South Carolina primary. A major shake up in the Republican race for president one candidate is out another has new strength amid controversy. And ABC's John -- -- in South Carolina for us tonight. Oh look they're so important that tough times for Mitt Romney. Just a week ago it seemed he had the nomination sewn up. -- victories in Iowa New Hampshire and a big lead here in South Carolina today it turns out he even win in Iowa. A recount turning his eight vote victory into a 34 vote lead for Rick Santorum guess what. We defeated Mitt Romney in Iowa. Army didn't want to talk about that today. For reaction to the change in Iowa no longer -- And that big lead in South Carolina no more of a new poll today shows Gingrich surging now within striking distance and in this on the eve of the last debate before the South Carolina primary. Today. I am suspending my campaign. And endorsing Newt Gingrich for president United States. I believe -- is a conservative visionary who can transform our country. We also asked Romney about that it Rick Perry. That Governor Perry terrific actor and a conservative been a great governor was great in the race and that -- It's about -- page how worried is -- Just how is lashing out Ingrid triggers the speaker was talking about all that jobs that he helped create. In the Reagan years you've been in congress two years when Reagan came to office the idea that he was the author of reaganomics not real likely. Which is riding high attracted large enthusiastic crowds and getting a big boost from a debate this week -- -- actually gotten standing ovation. Complicating matters for Gingrich and his ex wife has given an interview with ABC news's Brian Ross talking about the affair he had when they were married. He was asking to have an open Mary -- I refused. He wanted an open marriage that I accept the fact that he he has somebody else that has. And you said. Now. Now. -- -- -- -- -- Gingrich -- two daughters today said their father never asked for an open marriage. Divorce is always very painful they're never easy. There always very sad dad tried very hard. To make the marriage work and fortunately it didn't. When voters go to the polls here in South Carolina on Saturday may be a little confused by the ballot. Because it is filled with candidates like Michelle Bachmann Herman Cain and now Rick Perry who have dropped out of the race -- This is the ballot you probably can't kick the needs are too small but there are nine candidates listed only four of them still left in the race.

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{"id":15398639,"title":"Rick Perry Out of GOP Race","duration":"2:52","description":"Texas governor steps aside days before the South Carolina primary.","url":"/WNT/video/rick-perry-gop-race-15398639","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}