RNC on Hold; Mitt Romney Campaigns Before Convention

ABC News/Washington Post poll shows governor in dead heat with President Obama.
3:00 | 08/27/12

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Transcript for RNC on Hold; Mitt Romney Campaigns Before Convention
right now in the hall, I see mostly just journalists. But there was one brief event earlier today. There it is, the gavel marking the official opening of the convention, though minutes later, the day adjourned. In "your voice your vote," what about governor romney tonight? A new abc news/"washington post" poll says it is a dead heat three days before the speech of his life and abc's david muir is covering him. David. Reporter: Diane, good evening from boston, we're hearing the romney campaign is mindful of the track of that storm, today, the governor and his wife ann romney practicing their speeches inside the auditorium. Maybe of the team said ann romney did very well but they wanted to give her another run of it today. Aware of that storm-gathering strength governor romney and his wife ann also wear something else is approaching, their moment before a national audience. Practicing their speeches in new hampshire today for the second day in a row. A sign of how much is riding on their every word. Both times they were asked, how's the speech coming? How's the speech? Great. Yours is great, governor? My wife's. Reporter: And romney, of course, up first. Tomorrow night, the first night of the convention, the campaign is counting on her star power play ought in prime time, particularly among women that she can convince voters that her husband cares about their needs. When he is around the house, he's a great help. Reporter: She'll talk about mitt, the husband, the father, the grandfather. A story they need to tell. In a new abc news poll, 58% romney would favor the middle class and president obama leading 61% when come to be seen as more friendly, more likable. As for governor romney's speech thursday night, he gave a thumbs up for his practice run. The governor hinting don't expect a personality makeover when asked what he makes of some voters not liking him. You know, all I can do is be who I am. You know that popeye line "i am what I am and that's who I am." Reporter: As to who he will be on that stage, his late father and his mother lenore who ran for senate, her son right there. I'm drafting a campaign speech and thinking about the kinds of things my dad would say if he had the chance to offer that speech. The governor talking about who he'll be talking about. First up you ann romney, in front of the big evidence audience tonight. Tonight, though, they tweeted out this picture of her baking in her boston ashe home, her favorite welsh cake. They plan to take that down with them as she headed down to tampa.

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{"id":17090806,"title":"RNC on Hold; Mitt Romney Campaigns Before Convention","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News/Washington Post poll shows governor in dead heat with President Obama.","url":"/WNT/video/rnc-hold-mitt-romney-campaigns-convention-17090806","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}