Robert Sherman Remembered

"It's a Small World" songwriter passes away at age of 86.
2:19 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for Robert Sherman Remembered
You may or may not know the name Robert Sherman but he wrote the -- dance songs that so many of us. Never forget with his brother Richard who provided the soundtracks for -- movies and our lives. And today came the news that Robert Sherman has died at the age of 86 and tonight. We're learning some of the secrets behind those songs here's ABC's David Wright. T in every job and is being -- there is an element of fun. The year -- a moment for what do Mary Poppins best pearls of wisdom -- -- -- -- Bob -- son got his polio vaccination of school. Is who he lets me you can get shot and that hurt us that normally just that took up this plastic spoon and producers you -- and medicine you just days it. Some I don't do it this. -- -- -- And with that. Spoon pollution house and then -- -- -- Yeah you go down. Yeah go down. You can go down us. Remember that scene from the end of the moving. And inspiration for that song came from Bob -- own child. That was tremendous scrutiny. He -- think these marvelous it's -- -- life forever. But his brother Dick won the Oscar that year for best original song. -- huge injury. -- -- -- -- -- More than a thousand -- -- The soundtrack to childhood the world over. Small world it is all about -- things. Whether -- hit -- right ABC news. Son Jeffrey Sherman wrote on FaceBook that his father quote wanted to bring happiness to the world and unquestionably. He succeeded.

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{"id":15862916,"title":"Robert Sherman Remembered","duration":"2:19","description":"\"It's a Small World\" songwriter passes away at age of 86.","url":"/WNT/video/robert-sherman-remembered-15862916","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}