Robin Roberts Receives Bone Marrow Transplant

"GMA" anchor tackles next step in medical journey.
3:00 | 09/20/12

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Transcript for Robin Roberts Receives Bone Marrow Transplant
this was a day of hope and light and courage and medical wonder for all of us who love our robin roberts. Which means all of us. This morning, she received her bone marrow transplant and as some friends gathered, she said to us, once again, that she knows that all of you at home are watching and with her and that fills her with strength and joy. In a hospital room, a champion is slowing the power of her heart. This journey is much about the mind as it is the body. You have t change the way you think in order to change the way you feel. And let me just say this lastly. I feel the love and I thank you for you. Thank you. Reporter: Ready today, after 11 days in the hospital, preparing for her bone marrow transplant. Her doctor telling george and her "gma" family this morning how the woman who looked so radiant to us was preparing her immune system for this moment. We're going to put the new cells, this is the beginning of the rebuilding phase. We've been in the kind of tearing down phase, getting everything ready to accept the new cells. Reporter: In these last eight days, intense chemotherapy. And even someone as strong as robin felt it. She's a powerhouse, but she feels crummy. It's hard to get up and even move around in the room. This is somebody who is used to 50-hour days. Reporter: The doctors supervise how a small group will come into the room. And then, her transplant doctor enters with the transplant cells. What part of not a big crowd did we not understand? Reporter: Surrounded by sal by ann, her sister dorothy. Before it happens, the room goes quiet. And sally ann makes robin smile with a song. ♪ She's a good old worker and a good old pal ♪ ♪ 15 years on the erie canal ♪ Reporter: Then her pastor leads all of us in prayer. So, right now, we bless this moment. Reporter: And so on this MORNING, SEPTEMBER 20th, 2012, This new birthday for robin. Her father and mother are looking down, watching over her. Her brother, her sisters, her beloved family at "good morning america." And all of us at abc, linking arms around her, as you, at home, watch and join this cathedral of prayer. And as a song she loves says, there ain't no mountain high enough to keep her from you. ♪ Ain't no mountain high enough ♪ ♪ nothing can keep me from you ♪ and I want to bring in abc's chief medical editor dr. Richard besser who has watched over her, so amazingly, rich. A number of people have come up and said, a transplant, that must mean surgery, how long will the surgery be? Reporter: That's the question I get, how long is the operation? And it's really incredibly miraculous. To get a bone marrow transplant, all it is, in less than ten minutes, the doctor injected bone marrow cells, millions of them, into her body. Through a vein. And they just go in, they set up shop and they do their incredible work. I know that she wants everyone out there to know that you can donate, you can donate, you can join the registry and save so many lives. Reporter: Such an outpouring. About 7,000 people have one of these every year. Thousands still waiting. But in response to robin's call, tens of thousands of people who hadn't thought about it have signed up. And, you know, in her honor, the more people who do that, the easier it will be for her. And we've been saying to each other, she is amazing. Amazing, every moment in this, and only robin roberts could have disco balls on the iv stand next to her, I don't know if you saw it there. Reporter: That's right. Be sure to watch tomorrow morning, because there will be a lot more on what happened today on "good morning america" with all her beloved friends there. Anure to check in, as well, on abcnews.Com.

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{"id":17285157,"title":"Robin Roberts Receives Bone Marrow Transplant","duration":"3:00","description":"\"GMA\" anchor tackles next step in medical journey.","url":"/WNT/video/robin-roberts-receives-bone-marrow-transplant-17285157","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}