'Rocky' From Philadelphia to NYC's Broadway

One of the most memorable movies in film history is now set to take on the Great White Way.
3:00 | 03/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Rocky' From Philadelphia to NYC's Broadway
Finally tonight, the winner and still champion a name that inspires thousands of people to run up those famous stairs with an anthem in their heads. So, what is the real reason rocky has such an enduring place in American life? And is now entering a new arena tonight. John donvan with our "Person of the week." Reporter: The song. The sprint. Those stairs. The little pirouette he death the top. You know what this means. Rocky lives on. The mittic hero invented for the world 40 years ago, now for a new generation, could it be true, rocky the musical on Broadway, it is. Where the songs are new, but the rest is so familiar. Most of all, those stairs, those stairs he ran up a second time in the movie rocky 2. You go to Philadelphia arts museum any day of the week and folks are out there doing the run. Bringing along their own music. Rocky really means something to you. He's an inspiration. Reporter: You hear them all saying it. They are rocky. And that's who Stallone was. He sold Hollywood on letting him star in a movie he wrote himself. They shot it on a budget so small, that in the ice skating scene, they had no money to fill the place with extras and only one pair of skates available in the middle of the night. Stallone, so owned it. Can someone else possibly play rocky now? Now, meet Andy Karl. It's almost like I'm playing a historical figure. Reporter: And playing with that familiar rocky wilt. How is the turtle food this week? Fine. They got, what? Shell shocked. Boom! Reporter: It's everybody else's turned the movie into the myth. From these little musicians in elementary school to those folks who get themselves to Philadelphia. Everything I got is because of that character. Reporter: Now he doesn't have to say good-bye, there he is on stage at a preview show. So, there it is. Full circle. And so we choose the enduring rocky. We thank you for watching.

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{"id":22827850,"title":"'Rocky' From Philadelphia to NYC's Broadway","duration":"3:00","description":"One of the most memorable movies in film history is now set to take on the Great White Way.","url":"/WNT/video/rocky-philadelphia-nycs-broadway-22827850","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}