"Rocky" Takes Broadway

World News talks to lead actor Andy Karl and author of "Rocky Stories" Mike Vitez.
3:00 | 03/11/14

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Transcript for "Rocky" Takes Broadway
Playing this icon. -- At first was excited about it and then I thought oh my god everybody knows rocky. And they're gonna have these expectations. And -- got no wonder how it's going to be done in house going to be. Played by another actor how it's going to be put on stage so -- all these expectations which were cancer weighing on everybody shoulders the script is. Very close to the first movie. And that as the movie that started at all and I and I think that in the story line is is this the same and it's carries all those same iconic. Moments that streaking the eggs running up the stairs the ice rink with Iraqi major in which is tender scene -- so we're giving that. Familiar part of the movie but then work. We're throwing in the set. -- in a different way and and throwing hands you know I don't look anything like Stallone I'm you know we're physically very different but. I'm trying to incorporate what he did in the movie but also carried honesty that he did in the movie and and make sure that it's that it's coming from -- truth of myself as an actor otherwise the audience is going to be like why's he doing a bad impersonation. Sylvester Stallone. When he came on stage that night for the first period it was is the best in the whole audience just started chanting -- hockey. And it was the coolest thing I've ever experienced onstage before I'm having the time in my life because. I grew up with these movies I'm like that rocky three rocky for generation and you know sort of like. Mr. T -- ago and as those for and those are my -- films on caring sort of the the banner for this. For this icon and I don't wanna mess it up I want to do something really great with it -- want to keep them honest and also wanna like. Tell people that -- -- watching the story rocky in rocky is actually. Seems to be like a real living person for for everybody in the world people take inspiration from rocky Nana safe Sylvester Stallone this Iraq. So it's almost like I'm playing it historical figure. -- doing you know. -- -- a total food. A bullet spoken at the -- -- Scenario what. Shell shocked. Rocky is our own. Dignity every person in life. Will will come to that part of their life. -- the -- -- question how far they can go work they have a dream that they can attain and how -- with the push themselves to retain Torre. Rocky was a loser and down a bomb and and yet he still -- himself says that. He looked to do art museum any steps like problems and so. They represented transformation if you think about the steps in the movie he comes here and celebrates its iconic scene happens before he ever -- Apollo -- He comes in the morning by himself and he celebrating ask what does -- celebrating decelerating has -- transformation you know he's. Got the love of Adriana who's got the friendship with -- totally redeemed himself he's regained his self respect and that is what celebrating and that's what. You know that's the real -- And and so that's what he's coming here that's what everyone else well -- -- ask Mike do you think these people are doing this is -- -- a movie or because they identify with rocky I think they're doing it because they sought in a movie and it touched them. These steps are the iconic. Seen that movie and it's the place is -- -- himself got this is the place where where people can com. And bring the message of the new. Me to -- one of the first meetings I had with Stallone was I was talking to about the show and and at about character and he was talked to -- us Sylvester Stallone and then also and he dropped into rocky mode and music. In the -- you could just keep employees warning you know -- -- A bull in the China shop you know they saw in his eyes his eyes changed his -- change just takes change and and then all of a sudden I became very comfortable because -- I realized. He's a great actor creating a part and that's basically what I'm gonna have to deal -- like. Just dive into the part and create this whole mannerisms and become this guy and step into issues.

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{"id":22870715,"title":"\"Rocky\" Takes Broadway","duration":"3:00","description":"World News talks to lead actor Andy Karl and author of \"Rocky Stories\" Mike Vitez.","url":"/WNT/video/rocky-takes-broadway-22870715","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}