A-Rod Facing Possible Suspension

Alex Rodriguez could reportedly face up to a lifetime ban over performance enhancing drug use.
1:51 | 08/03/13

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Transcript for A-Rod Facing Possible Suspension
All that time makes it hard for people to remember what they aate. Thanks, doctor. Appreciate it. And news on alex rodriguez. "The new york times" said a-rod wants to meet with league officials over his use of performance enhancing drugs. This is a change frome combative stage he took very publicly last night. Reporter: Alex rodriguez said that's the only thing that will keep him off the field monday. While the teammates play the white sox in chicago, a-rod could face one of the harshest punishments in major league baseball history. A long-term suspension or even a lifetime ban for allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs. And it may not be just the league who wants him on the bench. There's more than one party that benefits me not ever stepping back on the field. Who benefits? I can't tell you that right now and I hope I never have to. The yankees still owe a-rod approximately $90 million over the remaining four years of his deal. That means for every 50 games a-rod is suspended the yankees stand to save $7.5 million, meaning 150 game suspension would be worth 25 million. They want to nail him. They want to show that they are serious about enforcing their program, and, frankly, the yankees want to get out of that contract. Whatever happened, major league baseball is reportedly determined he won't play another game this season. In other words, lightning may well strike. Well, despite a-rod's fighting talk as we said earlier, he is reported to have just reached out to major league baseball for a meeting to discuss a deal. But reports suggest the league is sticking by its take it or leave it approach on the harsh punishment for the player. Lindsey, thank you. Switching gears to the royal baby whose father, prince

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{"id":19864061,"title":"A-Rod Facing Possible Suspension","duration":"1:51","description":"Alex Rodriguez could reportedly face up to a lifetime ban over performance enhancing drug use.","url":"/WNT/video/rod-facing-suspension-19864061","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}