Romney to Beat Gingrich for Nomination?

Former President Bush backs GOP contender Mitt Romney.
2:26 | 12/22/11

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Transcript for Romney to Beat Gingrich for Nomination?
Your voice your vote -- surprise in the Republican race for president. Former president George H. W. Bush gave Mitt Romney his vote calling -- me quote the best choice for president. Bush cited -- stability experience principles he said I just think he's mature and reasonable not a bomb thrower. -- not to see that as a -- at the man robberies targeting hard every day Newt Gingrich and ABC's John Berman is traveling with an increasingly confident Romney in New Hampshire. There's nothing subtle about the message keep Romney wants you think he will lead to victory come -- or go ahead. Am sure is three day swing through New Hampshire -- to prove he has the -- in the money. Nomination for the voters -- who've been going from one candidate to the other the last few months. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're gonna look at the character the different candidates to positions on issues and their vision for America. And I believe in the final analysis -- -- they're not pressure of -- He's doing more than hoping. He's only. Supporters running millions of dollars in -- he gets a new Gingrich supporting China's brutal one child policy. Pushing the former speaker it is day after day defense so is that just factually false ahead. And then just typical of the Romney operation and then the governor out of I don't apologize for the had to pull down you think you're getting out of the speakers. -- a little bit I have no idea how to assess. The the -- us don't campaign he's out there. Doing his his work that connect to people I'm reminded me challenge you -- -- one on one debate -- last night in the what do you make -- that always done that before. My -- -- -- I'm gonna debate with all the contenders. The rough housing might not go over well with Gingrich I don't -- -- the rewards falsehoods. By millions but the full contact -- -- forced Romney told his campaign -- cool back into Italian national polls. In -- convince fence sitters he's taking nothing. Who granted. What do you want for Christmas. This to be within the family you don't want like Iowa all wrapped up -- a little -- I've I don't I'm not expecting senate to deliver. A state -- 78. Governor Romney told me he's keeping -- daily journal of this campaign. In his iPad to keep track of the high and low -- now he would tell me what today was -- get the sense of that sort of endorsement from former President Bush. That governor Romney thinks things are going pretty well right now and or -- their --

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{"id":15216342,"title":"Romney to Beat Gingrich for Nomination?","duration":"2:26","description":"Former President Bush backs GOP contender Mitt Romney.","url":"/WNT/video/romney-beat-gingrich-nomination-15216342","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}