Romney Campaign Treats Donors Like Royalty

GOP presidential nominee will not release names of top supporters.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Romney Campaign Treats Donors Like Royalty
Romney raised hundreds of millions of dollars but he won't release the names of of his top supporters who bundle much of it for him. S and's chief investigative correspondent brian ross staked them out. Reporter: Under what was supposed to be a cloak of secrecy, the romney campaign treated its top donors as political royalty, with a week-long series of lavish parties and special events. Billionaires giving unprecedented sums and we have levels of secrecy never seen in the contemporary historic era. Reporter: Most of the big proceedings from the luxury suites reserved for them high above the floor. One of the few to actually show up on the floor was billionaire david koch, a member of the new york delegation who reportedly pledged to spend millions of dollars to defeat barack obama. It's important for the american public to know who's financing their conventions and who the candidates could be beholden to. Reporter: But when abc news caught up with koch away from the convention center, he didn't want to talk about why he gives so much money. Mr. Koch? Reporter: As part of the skreefrt, secret effort, the romney campaign used a 150 foot yacht, registered in the grand cayman islands, to host the most elite fundraisers, the victory council, those promising to raise a million dollars or more. The campaign refuses to reveal the names of these people, as allowed under current law, making it hard to know what they might want from a romney administration. The romney campaign is the first in many years not to release the names of their bundlers. Reporter: And as the romney victory council members left the yacht, secrecy seemed to be the order of the day. How much money have you pledged to raise? Sorry, I don't really have time. Reporter: What's your name, sir? Uh. Reporter: Can't say your name? No. Reporter: Are you embarrassed about being here? Not at all. Got to run. Thank you. Reporter: Whoever they are, and whatever they want, they are expected to help raise almost more than $800 million to elect mitt romney as president. Brian ross, abc news, tampa. And brian ross will be back on the money trail next week in charlotte for the democratic national convention, stay tuned. .

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{"id":17130893,"title":"Romney Campaign Treats Donors Like Royalty","duration":"3:00","description":"GOP presidential nominee will not release names of top supporters.","url":"/WNT/video/romney-campaign-treats-donors-royalty-17130893","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}